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Classic Summer Flash Crash

Well, I’m back from my trip to the Twin Cities and I see the market got a little loose on Friday. Tech was destroyed, with $AMZN preforming the classic summer flash crash formation. Despite Tech, the Dow is holding pat keeping complacent investors at bay.


I like the idea of getting long oil stocks if we see oil green to start the week. Friday’s hybrid screen is littered with stocks within the oil industry, some goodies include: SWN, APA, WTI, KMI, & COP

Agriculture names also shot higher on Friday with name like: POT, AGU, & MOS closing well on the day.

Friday’s full screen scan be found HERE. Let’s see if the bears can create a follow through day in Tech. Monday’s close will be important and may set the tone for June.

See you guys at the open.

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  1. Jay

    Welcome back RC! I will be curious to see if the rotation can continue tomorrow, or if Friday’s weakness really takes hold. Thanks for the ideas!

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