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Facebook Stock Back On Top

Facebook recovered the 20 day moving average today, and has made back every penny lost since the panic of last Wednesday. Short sellers are all now in the hole giving the market the fuel it needs to rocket us higher into a holiday weekend. Indeed, the futures are already shooting higher as holiday trade is underway.

I myself have been planning a trip to Florida, where I will be celebrating more life thanks to the brave men before me. But, before I go, here are a few movers to watch from Wednesday’s screen: CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Charts of interest as we close out the week include:


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  1. sergeant smiles
    sergeant smiles

    I’ve been holding that turd, $DEPO for a 33% loss. Luckily, most of my shares were stopped out around $13. Maybe it’s time to give it a second glance.

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  2. Jay

    Thanks for the list RC! The long-term uptrend in FB has been incredibly dominant, it’s almost h and to believe.

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