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Rob Gronkowski Interrupts Sean Spicer’s White House Briefing, “Need Some Help?”

Here’s sone humor to brighten up your trading day, I love this guy Gronk:

Hilarious moment as Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots interrupts Sean Spicer’s White House press briefing. The Patriots and Gronk are at the White House today to celebrate winning a Super Bowl and Gronk decided to join Spicer’s press briefing.

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  1. Scoots McGoots

    “Decided to join”

    It’s like a RealityTV show going on. Gronk is cool. I’d rather see him speak than Spicey. Spicey is the poster-boy for “fake it till you make it.” In fact, he can’t even fake it.

    Maybe Billy Boy can help out now that he’s soon to be unemployed (but probably picked up for 50x what he made a Faux and Friends).

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