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Here’s Why Yandex Is Breaking Higher

$YNDX Yandex is active over on the stocktwits board as the company is catching some favorable comments from JPMorgan after settling the long awaited Android case with Google.

Backing out to a monthly view of Yandex’s stock chart, the stock is recovering the 50 period moving average, and looks favorable for higher prices. Have a look below:


Google also appears to be unfazed by the settlement, as the stock is is busting through both the 20 & 50 day moving average today. I’m currently long shares of $GOOGL:


Internet Search continues to be in a bull market.

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  1. pb

    YNDX is higher only as a reminder of last year’s March Madness contest. Just kidding, March Madness is basically a lottery, and one can take no pride of achievement in “winning” the lottery. As for YNDX, in reality, there are only a handful of large, effective search engines still alive. They are one of them.

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