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Murder On Facebook Live, Stock Rips Higher

There was a murder on Facebook Live yesterday, on Easter Sunday of all days, where a 37 old man lost it and decided to kill innocent people. I told myself not to watch the incident, as it was shared everywhere on Facebook, but I ended up watching it. It was more than disturbing.

Apparently this sick killer is still on the loose, somewhere in the area below:

It amazes me that the killer is still at large after what I saw yesterday. Why isn’t the media covering his whereabouts? The best live updates have been on Twitter if you have been following along.

As a result, $FB Facebook’s stock is trading back above the 20 day moving average, which is a bullish signal for investors:

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  1. metalleg

    Does this mean that $SNAP will try to pull the same stunt?

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  2. RaginCajun

    No idea, but $SNAP is consolidating nicely here around $20. Due for a pop.

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