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$TSLA Tesla Gets Slapped With A Downgrade From Goldman

Goldman Sachs is out with a “very scary” report on $TSLA this morning, suggesting price should fall nearly 30%, bringing a price target of $185. Here are some details:

Tesla Inc TSLA is currently ahead of its OEM peers in terms of “vehicle technology adoption, electric vehicle architecture, and (potentially) battery scale,” Goldman Sachs analyst David Tamberrino said in a report. He added, however, the company’s shares could come under pressure due to a delay in the Model 3 launch and high FCF [free cash flows] burn rate.

Tamberrino downgraded the rating on Tesla from Neutral to Sell, while reducing the six-month price target from $190 to $185. He stated the revised price target represented 28 percent downside, versus 8 percent downside for peers.

I will be looking to add some Tesla back to the portfolio should we get a meaningful dip, not today though. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see $TSLA go green today. Goldman likely wants in.

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  1. wolfdaddy

    This guy is the asswipe of goldman. I agree they want in. Musk just stated that everything is on track. I’ll take his word..

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  2. JakeGint

    What happened to $FULT today, Rage?


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