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Top Ranked Oil & Gas Stocks

Courtesy of The PPT:

Oil & GAS:

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 10.14.06 AM____

Oil Equipment & Service:

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 10.15.56 AM____

Oil Drilling and Exploration:

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 10.16.47 AM____

Independent oil and gas: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Equipment and Services: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Drilling and exploration: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Weekend homework: With oil breaking out, what’s your favorite? I want comments.

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  1. kerosene


  2. kerosene

    time to look at refiners too.I know.. crack spreads and all, but this is when you get great discounts.

  3. PostApocalypticTrader

    Load up on Bakken oil and tell your wife you will bank coin and “bring home the Bakken”.

    A sexy casino stewardess walked up to Bernanke, hawking, “blunts, Bakken, cigarillos?”. Bernanke took the bait and swapped his Lucky Stripe Multi Filter Tips for LSTMF.
    LSTMF is at a 2-yr. chart bottom, pays a hefty 13 percent dividend, and operates 2400 producing wells in 3 Canadian provinces. Will bounce nicely sometime soon, and might go parabolic if and when Keystone pipeline gets approved.

  4. Surfnm

    Statoil baby, just plain old Statoil. Cheap in the summer, expensive in the winter and a rocking dividend.

    Plus the bad-asses have delivered nat gas to Asia over the top of the world using an icebreaker to lead the way…