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Today’s Hybrid Movers

Here’s a look at today’s hybrid movers:


Tickers in focus: EMC, YGE, SOL, EDU, COCO, LOCK

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  1. lol

    Just scanning some names.
    tried to find the BIDU/PCLN look. Closest I could find was GFA. Sort of a Blip up, drop down, range bound and close above the tight range after the drop.
    Could see a 1-3 day move for nice pop.
    MPO on strength could be good for a pop.
    Mostly lookinng for volume pockets or profiles with good support volume.

    I do see plenty of names building. For example I like LF but it is still tightening sideways for the time being so it could be awhile before it makes it’s move.
    I like BCR’s look longer term, but short term would like to see it pull back to a more managable and actionable point.
    Would like to see ALXN start flagging, otherwise would have loved to grab it today as it crossed 100 not sure I want to chase.

    CHDX nice flag here.
    COOL looks good but thinly traded and loose action.
    ERF headed into a volume pocket.
    MXL setting up under volume pocket on the weekly.
    Like KEYW at $14.
    ESI and MLNX -a hair late to the party here but still like them.

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  2. Sooz

    Eddie L’s a winner today, too..
    off that early Jan. dip..(posted buy at time..one of my faves)
    I’m taking some profit here, RC,
    up over (+41%).

    Status Filled at $56.41
    Symbol SHLD
    Description SEARS
    Order Date 05/10/2013, 02:56:41 PM ET

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  3. TeahouseOnTheTracks

    Is that bull flag on WFT for real?

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