Watching A Few Things


Not much on my radar here, but I am watching a few things:

I would love to catch $ZNGA on a pullback. $PBR has my attention sub $15, and will look to build a position soon. Oil needs to firm up or could be in trouble. Silver looks like death, and want no part of the space. And, $FB and $YELP look ready to rip roar higher.

Also, $MLNX has my attention over the 50 day moving average

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 1.17.24 AM


7 Responses to “Watching A Few Things”

  1. Chanos has called PBR a value trap

  2. Chanos has done well on his large, high profile short but he might get his balls squeezed, too. Everyone covers eventually. Could give it a nice pop.

  3. And an apple today cuts your balls off in a way….

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