Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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Top 100 Screen

After running the top 100 ranked stock through a volume filter, I came up with 48 stocks for your viewing pleasure. I guess this post should be titled, “The Top 48”


Note: The screen results are sorted by volume in finviz. Members can see the order of rank HERE, as well as save this screen to their profile page.


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  1. Sooz

    rocking my world here.
    if you have followed my trade(s) in past(?)
    very long with avg up on position last Dec

  2. Sooz

    D@mn Truth..

  3. Sooz

    although, I only hold half as many shares as I did at this time last year..
    Here’s for the viewing pleasure of Rhino’s troll..:))

    60,207.000 $1.330 $0.045 $80,075.31 $2,709.31 3.50% $38,862.24 94.30% $0.68 $41,213.07 Select Action for [JOES JEANS INC COM]. Menu closed

  4. Sooz

    read it and weep..
    and learn some respect!!!

  5. Sooz

    listening to Alexander Ebert (aka Edward Sharpe..)Truth
    posted a year ago via pickr .
    ((GREAT)) tune..


  6. Sooz

    +$42,144.90 +102.94%

  7. Sooz

    sell order fill on a portion of first ins:
    acquired 11/07/2011
    $1.37 +158.49% $0.53

    Status Filled at $1.37
    Symbol JOEZ
    Description JOES JEANS INC COM
    Action Sell

    Order Date 02/08/2013, 02:20:43 PM ET

    remain long 2/3 position cost avg @.73

    Have a great afternoon, all you Beautiful People.
    It’s time for me to do some snow removal and start a crackling wood fire in the fireplace.
    A perfect day!