The Super Bowl Blackout Was Incredibly Eerie


I couldn’t imagine being inside the Superdome as the lights went out last night. Luckily for the fans, nothing major happened. But, could you imagine the panic that would set in if every single light in the building went off? Trapped inside the Superdome?

The funny thing was, as the audio went out and the dome went black, my TV screen cut to commercial with the presidential Jet being blown to pieces, but it was the Iron Man 3 Trailer.

After that, I was waiting patiently, watching closely to see if the Superdome would indeed blow up. Here are some great pictures from business Insider, The Super Bowl Blackout Was Incredibly Eerie Inside The Stadium

7 Responses to “The Super Bowl Blackout Was Incredibly Eerie”

  1. Clearly a plot hatched by Buffalo Wild Wings, as per their commercials. :)

  2. The Eye-Talian Stallion

    They have huge banks of hot-online APC Matrix batteries so the lights will never go out.

  3. Eerie and weird that none of the 100+ “color commentators” standing by to drone on about the game said a word about the blackout at first.

    I mean, they could have rushed over to get Ray Lewis’s theory about why the lights went out. He’s no electrician, but I’m sure he would have been willing to make a stab in the dark.

    This was about the best review I’ve read about the game and commercials, btw:

  4. The Superdome is old as dirt, it opened in 1975. Eerie? Just boring.

  5. Any broadcaster who did not maintain uninterrupted on-air continuity during the power outage made an amateur mistake. Seriously. This is one of several events where failure is not acceptable.

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