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For those new to the site, you can find my real time trades inside a place called 12631. Inside this magnificent place is a group of traders, a select group of individuals, who converse daily about the stock market. It’s not a penny service, it’s not a day trading service. The core feature of this service is to help individuals develop core principles in stock selection, discipline, and risk management.

We focus as a unit, and we all help each other daily. It’s a great place to be during the market hours, and I’m proud to see what our service has become. I just wanted to take a time out here and thank all of our members, everyone of them. You guys have helped this service become what it has become.

And, for those wondering what’s up with the name 12631? I had no say so in it, this elite group was setup back in 1988. LEARN YOUR HISTORY (CLICK HERE)

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  1. muktukchuck

    As an observation, the popularity of Executive Orders appears to be on the wane.

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  2. TraderCaddy

    FDR had 3,522 Executive Orders. Seriously, he had no use for Congress.
    I suspect many had to do with WW II . Everything from rationing to limiting private auto use.

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