Monday, October 24, 2016
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Sunday Charts

I’ll be throwing up charts all day as I find them, feel free to contribute to the stream if you have any goodies. First up, take a look at a 2yr chart of $BAC, watching for a breakout above $10:

$GS – Price continues to struggle with the 50 day MA, watch for a breakdown with weakness in the financials:

$CRM – Beautiful flag setting up here, watch for a breakout this week:

  $MNST, another tight consolidation flag pattern that has my attention, watch for another spike higher:

$LULU – Seems to be at an action point here on the 50 day MA. On strength look for a breakout:

$OPEN – Still watching open here as it sits on the 50 day moving average. I’m a buyer on strength:

$MELI -Love this look here and will look to buy on strength:

$CTRP – Might be worth a shot here as it sits on the 20, 50, & 200 day MA, easy to manage:


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  1. Keith Shepard

    Really like that LULU chart. Added that to my watch list. Thanks.

  2. francesco

    very likely rally = break / leg up for bac ( i agree )