Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Names To Watch





Here are a few names I’m watching as we head into Friday’s trade.

$P, one of my favorite setups here. I’m a buyer on strength accompanied by volume:

$MM: Here’s another recent iPO that has an interesting look, still on my watchlist here:

$VRNG: this is one of Jeremy’s favs, one he ripped 100% out of in a matter of days. I may look to trade this on strength, it has potential to be a runner:

$MIPS: Got this on the radar for a possible trade. On strength I may take this with a stop under the 20 day MA:

And, if all else fails, I may just add to this $TZA position, which shorts the Russell aka the IWM:

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  1. kelkun

    Already long $P and $VRNG. And $ZNGA and $RENN

  2. kelkun

    Trading around them though, so the little selloffs don’t hurt. Like I sold some of my $ZNGA around 9.10 today and bought back in the 8.70’s. You have to trade around your core in this chop or else you risk just getting stopped out all the time.

  3. donker

    u forgot YELP

  4. donker

    and MTG