Friday, May 27, 2016
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Setting Back Up

I missed today’s run, due to being mostly in cash, but that’s ok. I would like to see us hold this level, consolidate tomorrow setting the charts back up, then off to the races.

I have a few names I’m watching here, $VHC, $MM, & $TRIP.

I really like this $MM, and think it has potential to be a big mover. I Would love to see it take out today’s high, at which point I will become a buyer.

With today’s move, it sets the swings back up. I had a feeling they wouldn’t let the market sell off here, especially with the facebook iPO around the corner.

If you missed today’s move there is no rush to do anything here, let’s let things set back up. I’m looking forward to going through the charts tonight.

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  1. Drewdog12380

    How does $UA $RAX and $OVTI look to you? THX!