Fade Day


It’s never fun watching your positions fade throughout the day. But, if 2012 has told you anything, it is to sit through the pain and buy the dip.

I don’t like pain so I decided to sell out of my positions in $SODA and $QPSA, -1.30, & -0.40, respectively. Feel free to buy my stop as I’m sure this was the wrong move, stocks don’t go down in ’12.

I did, however, add to my gold and silver exposure buying up $RGLD and $FSM. I’m sure Jake is pleased to see me with a small basket of his favorite names: $EXK, $RGLD, & $FSM.

I’m also keeping $GNK and my puts in $AMZN. $AKS is on a tight lease here, $RENN is being $RENN, and $FIO is consolidating perfectly.

Today’s action is healthy, it hurts having a down day, but it is necessary.

Off to get some much needed sleep, I need to kick this cold.


4 Responses to “Fade Day”

  1. $TSL…..to hold or sell before earnings….that is the question….

  2. check out the uranium space… $CCJ ripping!

  3. You forgot BAA!

    I think AAU is getting ready (finally) as well.


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