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Setups For Monday

$JBL, looks ripe for a breakout trade:

$TSLA, I like it above $28:

$TASR, I like this on strength for a breakout trade:

$DANG, looks to be bottoming here, closed above 20 & 50 day MA, above 23.20 and this could fly. I like it here with a stop below the MAs near $22:

$UMC, made the small bomb screen inside The PPT, I like it on strength:


I love the $SMBL setup highlighted by ChessNwine, click here for chart

And, I still like $AAU & $FORM from last week as support plays.

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  1. Dubz

    Love seeing AAU up there. I’d say more but I’d rather chat from the leather chairs in th Pelican Room.

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  2. RC


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