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Watchlist + March Madness Update

Down to the sweet sixteen, and we have a tight one in the north between the two teams.

In the south, PoPimp, who beat me with his pick in WEMU, is looking to lock up another game as he has been on fire throughout the tournament. Mushrooms also looks to be finishing off another opponent with his pick in DYG.

In the west, Position trader is looking to beat ATP Oil & Gas Corporation ATP Oil & Gas Corporation ATP Oil & Gas Corporation ATP Oil & Gas Corporation [[ATPG]] , a fav going into this game, with an airline, US Airways Group, Inc. [[LCC]] . I got to pull for my man mrKCbill, but we may see an upset here late in the fourth with Tex’s pick McMoRan Exploration Co. [[MMR]] as oil has a chance to run here.

In the East, it looks like KreppaNue is going to face the winner of JakeGint & CA matchup– we have a tight one there.

Here is what I will be watching tomorrow:


  • MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. [[WFR]] BTFO today, I’m a buyer above today’s high for a trade.
  • First Solar, Inc. [[FSLR]] A buyer above 112. The stock acted very bullish today, and on further strength I will look to get long the stock as a hedge to my puts.
  • Valmont Industries, Inc. [[VMI]] has a beautiful bullish flag developing. I’m a buyer on strength.
  • E-House (China) Holdings Limited [[EJ]] Flag developing after a good earning report.
  • Intuitive Surgical, Inc. [[ISRG]] A buyer above $360. Volcano Corporation [[VOLC]] a buyer on strength. Buyers of both with strength in the sector.
  • Valero Energy Corporation [[VLO]] , Holly Corporation [[HOC]] , & the rest of the refiners have been on fire as of late, continue to watch the group.
  • Warren Resources, Inc. [[WRES]] , Parker Drilling Company [[PKD]] , Weatherford International Ltd. [[WFT]] , Rex Energy Corporation [[REXX]] , InterOil Corporation (USA) [[IOC]] , & McMoRan Exploration Co. [[MMR]] , all oil related names, look good with strength in the commodity.
  • E TRADE Financial Corporation [[ETFC]] on strength and volume, I’m a heavy buyer here. (own some currently)
  • [[HEB]] ,a spec biotech, looks great here. Also, watch Rite Aid Corporation [[RAD]] here, a nice little flag developing/
  • Cypress Semiconductor Corporation [[CY]] a buyer above $12.46


  • Volcom, Inc. [[VLCM]] at the top of it’s channel, on a weakness I like this one on the short side.
  • eBay Inc. [[EBAY]] at the top of it’s channel. Scott is short this name, so I like it as a short on overall market weakness.
  • If we see weakness in the overall market, along with weakness in solar, look to get short First Solar, Inc. [[FSLR]] here with a stop above $112.30.

Note: I finally bought a GMCR Keurig today, based on Fly’s recommendation, however I do not drink coffee. Maybe I can develop an addiction.

And, I will also post a few of the charts tonight in The PPT.

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  1. Po Pimp

    You might want to reconsider the wording of this statement:

    the rest of the refiners have been on fire as of late,

    Usually refiners and fire in the same sentence is not a good thing.

    • CommonGardenSlug

      The FBI overwatch may have perked up at that sentence. A black Escalade is on its way to RC’s house as we speak.

  2. RaginCajun

    in this case, it’s a good thing, ha.

    Popimp, WEMU is a beast, think you go all the way?

    • Po Pimp

      You never know with these thinly traded boiler room specials. It can go down 25% in the blink of an eye. END was lights out until this week but they could get their shooting eye back quick.

      • Yogi & Boo Boo

        Po, I think you got it unless we see Klatastrophee later today and tomorrow. Congrats!

        RC – Thanks for the contest. It was a lot of fun.

  3. positiontrader

    Plenty of time left in this round yet.

    Oil looks good for a pullback though. Nice negative MACD divergence developing.

    Check out CEG, HSNI, CSA, OIS. All at 52 week highs and potential breakouts IMO.

  4. moneyisfunny

    Showdown in the north…I’ve got some new picks I have been testing. Results to come…

  5. SC

    I can’t believe I have made it this far. It’s been a blast. It’s going to come down to the last stock purchase or sell. Good luck illmighty .

    A good friend of mine used to say, “This is a very simple game. You pick a stock, you hope your opponents stock goes down, you hope your stock goes up. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.” Think about that for a while.

    • illmighty

      Likewise SC! ACH is bringing in Yao Ming’s little (college-age of course) BIG brother for the last quarter…

  6. RaginCajun

    I can’t wait to see what happens at the close tomorrow. Good luck everyone in the last few minutes.

    Elite eight, next week.

  7. GW

    big volume into close on WFR….spec take over volume I think……