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Who Dat? Airlines & Financials

I will not be around much the next few days as I prepare to witness my New Orleans Saints, live in the Superdome, advance to the NFC Championship game. For those that don’t Know, RC is a huge Saints fan and have been with the team through thick and thin. It’s great to see Drew Brees carry the city of New Orleans (my hometown), on his back, and bring the city back to life. Excitement is back in the city, Mardi Gras is right around the corner, and NEW ORLEANS is back.

Ok, back to stocks. Here are some things to look for on Firday

#1 Airlines

Watch oil here, on weakness you will see “BTFO” moves in a few airlines. Check out these beauties:

Continental Airlines, Inc. [[CAL]]


UAL Corporation [[UAUA]]


US Airways Group, Inc. [[LCC]] One of Tradermarket24/7 favorites


#2 Financials

JakeGint likes the financials here, Chuck likes Citigroup Inc. [[C]] , and RC is on the lookout for the best chart in the group. I caught a crazy move in Pacific Capital Bancorp [[PCBC]] today, my man TMI24/7 caught a crazy move in Gramercy Capital Corp. [[GKK]] ,  and I believe more “BTFO” moves are to follow.

Your homework tonight/this morning will be to scan the financals for the best looking chart. I will be out most of the day, but feel free to share your results in the comment section. I will post a few myself.

Note: Click here for a custom screen I set up inside The PPT, sorted by highest daily hybrid change.

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  1. TA

    Really love the HBAN and STSA charts

  2. ZMoose

    ZION, MBI, BPOP – waiting for more volume out of MTG

    That’s my list right now, currently long ZION and MBI and prepping for BIG pops out of both.

  3. RaginCajun

    JPM earnings in am, should be a fun day.

  4. chessNwine

    Don’t forget RJET for the airlines.

  5. Teahouse On The Tracks
    Teahouse On The Tracks

    Some southeastern banks to keep an eye on:

    CZFC ($5.62) – Turned down a $9/sh offer from a competitor

    FPBI ($2.15) – Flagging @ $2.13, major pop after a public offering to sell units each comprised of four shares of its common stock and one warrant to purchase one share of common stock. Each unit is being sold for $6.00 and the per share warrant exercise price is $2.00. Bank located in Port St Lucie, FL – $10 cash/sh and BV $7

    FMFC ($3.10) – Flagging – $16/sh cash and BV $11.50

    SUPR ($2.99) – Flagging – completed an exchange of $69 million of its Preferred Stock held by the U. S. Treasury for an identical amount of Superior’s newly issued Trust Preferred Securities. As a result of this exchange transaction, Superior will record an accounting gain of approximately $22.5 million after tax, reflecting the net benefit of the favorable interest rate terms of the newly issued Trust Preferred Securities compared to current market rates. On a pro forma basis, this accounting gain will increase Superior’s tangible common equity by approximately $1.93 per common share outstanding to $15.22 per share – cash/sh = $11 – they also approved an increase in the number of authorized shares of common stock (20m to 200m shs) that “will ensure that a sufficient number of shares are available, if needed, for issuance in connection with possible future opportunities.”

    GRNB ($4.80) – Flagging – Recently turned down a proposal for a capital investment by a wealthy private investor – $26/sh cash ($347M) and $12 BV/sh – 10m float with 2m short (17%)

    Some of these will be acquired, acquire others or be the recipient of a failed bank via FDIC, all catalysts for share appreciation … my favs are SUPR & GRNB (no position yet but soon)

    • Teahouse On The Tracks
      Teahouse On The Tracks

      FPBI breaking down ($1.92) … wait for $1.70

      FMFC breaking out of flag since posted … now $3.35 (news pending???) … oops now $3.16

      GRNB – have a bid in but thin and waiting

      SUPR – bot @ $3 (200 dma holding strong)

      Previous recs here:

      BPFH – posted @ $5.50ish, currently $7ish looking to BO @ $7.26

      CVBF – posted @ $8ish, currently $10ish

      • Teahouse On The Tracks
        Teahouse On The Tracks

        FPBI hit the target $1.70 but no fill here ……. then bounced to $2.01

        GRNB – got initial stake @ $4.68

        SUPR closed @ $3

        FMFC closed @ $3.16 (no stake)

        Dick Bove says “Buy the banks!”

  6. derrr

    Why do the Saints have the Priory of Sion symbol as their logo?

  7. mustard seeds

    Who dat dat was there last night…outstanding game for your Saints RC….