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Market Indecision Will Fleece You of Your Coin

Whether you trade weekly, daily, tic, range, or minute charts you MUST recognize a lack of trend and behave accordingly.  To trade momentum there must be momentum.  I know V.King would enjoy that sentence.  Once you recognize conditions where momentum is gone, you must adjust to fading extremes or sideline yourself.  That’s it.

I like to use EMAs to give a trend some visual clarity.  When EMAs of different speeds (i.e. the 9 and 33 period) converge and then flatten out, that’s a strong indication the market is on pause.  Such was the case all morning.  Today it was easy for me to avoid because we were working inside a tight market profile and we had the Fed in the afternoon which I knew would give the market a pause.  More times than I would like to admit, I haven’t been so astute.  And every time I fail to recognize these conditions the alogs pick me to pieces.

I’ve been a doubter of any such trendless action most of June, but as the month drags on it’s becoming a distinct possibility that we’re entering a flat consolidation phase.  My 9 and 33 are flattening out and going sideways.  It would make sense too given that my momentum plays are all fizzling out.  Take a look:



I’ve spent the last few weeks churning my portfolio with small wins and medium losses.  All-in-all I’ve given back hard fought gains.  Anyone who tells you the gains came easy is wrong and unwashed.

Today I cut most of my China junket.  I sold off BIDU, YY, and MY.  I sold WETF along with the Fly and I took some profits in CREE, keeping the position about ½ size.

You may notice a much less manic tone in my writing.

I’m up over 50 percent cash now and lost around 1 percent today.  Current longs listed largest to smallest are as follows:


I want to keep my speculative swing positions down.  I’m getting confused, tracking so many positions.  Plus liquidation becomes more taxing by my broker.

I’ll ride most of these through the trendless chop of the index.  But I swear little allegiance to any and will cut to make room for others.

I don’t love the idea of shorting up here, but both T and JBLU look like great swing shorts to my eye.

Bottom Line: It’s summer now.  We may still push higher but we’re showing signs of stalling momentum.  This is the third major pullback too, it has a much lower win rate then the first two.  HOWEVER, we’re on the proper side of the 33 EMA, my primary demarcation.

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Whip the Horse’s Eyes

I certainly hope I’m not beating a dead horse, buying more solar longs into the close.  If I had a time machine that could give me 30 minutes back, I would have bought either GS, XONE, or CHCI.

Especially el CHCI.  Watch that one tomorrow.

But instead I bought a trashy little stock that goes by the handle of HSOL.  May it burn my enemies like ants under a magnifying glass.

Fly favorite (and quickly climbing my ranks) IMMR asserted a nice comeback today and has the look I like.

Believe me…I see the $45 level resistance on TPX.  I don’t care.  They’re selling these beds like truck stop hot cakes.

There was some straight up voodoo going down behind The PPT pay wall today that had members laser focused on higher equity prices.  It scared me a little, I’m not going to lie.  It was like walking in on a séance while the devil plays a fiddle made of gold.

RGLD caught a strong bid on Hilsenrath mouthing off.

Watch what goes down tonight as the sun settles and biblical storms impress upon the east coast.  The birth is happening.  Tomorrow is my birthday and with it comes great power for Raul.  Galactic alignments, hail storms, and ABENOMICS!

I must be off, for many preparations must be made before sunrise.

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Remove Yourself From The Analysis


On losing days, my old routine used to be calling up some buddies and having a few beers, chalking it up as another hard lesson from the market.  I can always have this mentality because the money, I don’t depend on it.  I’ve always been told consistent profitability in the markets requires a low stress money situation.  I agree.  I absolutely can’t imagine being in a financial pinch and trading.  As for the jumpers, they’re simply cowards who can’t swing the poor life, thrift shopping and such.

Today really wasn’t as bad as I’m making it out to be, but frustrations were quickly compounded and before I knew it I was going ‘Full Gibson’ beating people over the head with rocks and such.  I played back the tape of my futures trading just now and the mistakes didn’t start until I made it about me.

I made it about me.  Not the markets, because some crazy shit went down that rattled me.  Let me explain:

I took planned trades, trades with statistical advantages.  The first two win.  Good start.

The second trade takes off as soon as I get it in, looking great, gets to my exit, prints my target a few times, I don’t get filled and it slams down and takes me out break even.

At this point things are looking REALLY choppy and moving REALLY fast.  For the next 30 minutes all hell breaks loose, Raul taking funky ass unplanned trades.  Good God, it looks like I fired a machine gun at the screen.

Funny thing is, my last trade, a long…something was still firing in the old noggin…my exit looks like the most beautiful short entry you’ve ever seen.  The floor fell out seconds later for five handles, then many many more.

This all happens very fast you see.  I lost sight of the market.  I started having a very real and very strong feeling that the algorithms knew exactly where my stops and targets were, and they were fucking me. That’s paranoia…fear based nonetheless. Me, me, me, that’s what my internal dialogue sounded like.

Recognizing this, I cut almost all my risk out and pressed my cash to 65 percent.

Some names I just couldn’t let go of.  Here they are, presented by size (biggest-to-smallest):


I also hold some cheap lotto tickets in HPQ weekly calls and NFLX.

My fate as a trader lies entirely on backing off when conditions don’t favor my style of trading.  It’s something everyone has wrestled with I’m sure.  It’s never hit me this hard in my life, even though I’ve taken much larger financial blows.  I was furious.

It’s a learning experience as always, but this one left a lasting impression.


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We Squeezed The Shorts, Now What?

The market did the ole’ bad data, positive reaction thing, which according to my matrix is the most bullish market activity out there.

This led to a short squeeze across the board.  Which is nice.  Our first attempt out of the major balance area from ~ 1651 – 1641 is to the upside.  So far the profile is establishing a P-shape which tells me aggressive buying activity, likely shorts covering, drove price higher and now we’re balancing out.  The question on everyone’s mind now should be, will new buyers step in and initiate new longs?  Or was the action only temporary before we resume a path lower?

I can’t call it.  The market will.  Watch $ES 1659.50 as your barometer to the former, and 1652.50 for the latter.

I took some profits in my SNDK weekly options because, well, they expire tomorrow!  Awesome.  It’s kind of fun to put a timer on your trades, when you’re right.  That being said, I’m holding one runner into this attempted breakout.

I bought NBG.  This is probably dumb, but MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, I gave serious consideration to buying that last dip.  Danger: revenge trade.

What else, what else…ah yes, I sold a bit or RGLD exactly as planned.  You must love seeing a good plan play out for old Raul.

I sold OMEX, it looks like it might roll.

I booked ¼ of my $DDD long.  I’ll always take 5 percent home.

I lost money in the futures today, taking stupid trades.

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How ‘Bout Them Royals?

We just wrapped up another neutral day in the spooz.  It’s funny, these neutral days, sometimes referred to as normal days, are very rare.  Yet here I am, for the third time this month bringing one to your attention.

The trade is so telegraphed, it’s treated me well.  I didn’t take it today because I was pulled into a meeting, but damn listen up: when you get a wide range during the first hour of RTH, then there’s range extension in one direction (today lower) then dynamic price action takes us ALL THE WAY to the other side of the profile and we get range extension in the other direction, there’s a HIGH probability price will return to the mean before doing anything else.  Awesome and amazing, yes yes yes?

Anyhow this type of session often precludes turning points in the market.  Hopefully, the turn is to the higher because I tossed on a bunch of risk into the bell.

I sold my AWK investment today.  It felt odd, I’ve held it for a very long time.  I feel without it, if you know what I mean.  But I’ve made so much in the name, it has come so far, and Yields Are Under Attack.  I booked it.  Remember, I swear no allegiance.

This put a ton of cash on the books and all the sudden I was almost 50 percent cash.  Down here!?  It was too much to bear <sic>.

I went shopping.

I bought DDD this morning, and then I bought more in the afternoon.  I don’t like this stock very much yet.  It has all the makings of a bull trap, if you ask me.  Why am I long then?  If it opens higher it will rip heads off.

I added to my RGLD long.  Sometimes, when you feel like taking profits, that’s the best time to buy more.

I bought RVLT.  It spiked hard.  RaginCajun highlighted it very quickly, I just clicked the button.  The stock is on my “always stalking” list.  I trimmed a bit of bread off to place on my table into the closing bell.

I added to my SNDK weekly options, $57.50 strike.  This stock, like DDD, is tricky in that it didn’t quite signal.  I would have liked to see yesterday’s high taken out.  Hand grenades and horseshoes I suppose.

I’ll either feel very smart, or very busy tomorrow morning—trading my way out of the paper bag I built.  Something about making money in these markets makes me want more. Patience.

I cut cash down to 25 percent.

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Closing Thoughts

Try as you might, you can’t buy RGLD sub 50.  Even when the opportunity presents itself, you’ll take to twitter and declare the next plunge in GDX.

Sometimes you don’t understand the force behind a play, but you go along with it anyway.  Broadcasting stocks are strong, I bought NXST.

Heptics, get with it.  IMMR

Your eyes are important.  Take care to keep them healthy even if it means getting away from your monitor to see the doctor.  No eyesight = no trader.

Utilities might actually die for bit.  Frowny face AWK.

CREE might take some heat next week.  I’m ready for that.  I’m ready for lots of that.  CREE is offering the EASIEST way for our country to reduce its energy consumption.  They’re perfectly aligned with our administrations agenda, and they make lots of money.  Hard to value but I continue to see all analyst coverage as short sighted.

FB is bracketed.  If it comes unhinged and decimates investors again I will me very surprised.

INVN is another great story stock, I’ll tell you over a bonfire soon.

HAIN is quiet, HAIN is good.

DECK made a nice comeback today.  I like comeback stories.  I smell seller exhaustion.

ANGI has been my second most profitable stock of the year to trade.  Who is to say I’m wrong at this juncture?

OMEX needs to find some sunken ship booty, stat.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.  Electronic music invades Detroit in a big way every Memorial Weekend.  I may partake mostly for the people watching.  I’ll be in-and-out, preparing for to crush our shortened trading week come Tuesday.

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Getting Faded

It’s been another action packed day, albeit in a more concentrated bit of stocks.  I almost looked wrong in boasting about my sub $50 RGLD purchase when the morning dipped briefly below.  It should be noted that this was again a buying opportunity.  Although we’re not out of the woods yet on this long position, it has constructive written all over it.

YELP started flagging nicely just below $32 around lunchtime.  I added to my long thinking, “this is a good looking flag.”  When I took to twitter to blast out my actions to the world I saw no less than four traders talking about the exact same breakout.  The move was faded.again.  This trade could flush lower, just be aware of that.  We are all seeing the same telegraphed pennant at 52 week highs.  Build a solid risk profile.

I thought my reasoning behind staying long JRCC was interesting, but it received zero airtime.  If you’re into market dynamics, check it out.  I scaled a piece around the three handle and have a 1/3 runner left on the books.

I closed out CRZO because it printed an ugly daily candle.  I’m looking for constant gratification up here in the froth.  I’m not looking to wait out and peak-to-trough foolishness in names that I have zero conviction in beyond price.

Ironically enough and completely contrary to the prior paragraph, I held my SCTY runner and watched it melt like a cheap ice cream cone down 12 percent.  The position is still 8 percent in the green due to a sweet entry and there are gains booked to back it up.  I’m not going to let one down day scare me out of the cocaine party.  It will take at least two.

Final thought:  A cheap ice cream cone?  Does an expensive ice cream cone exist?

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Tell Your Kids about Raul’s $RGLD Buy


It’s important when raising children to not only highlight victories but also exemplify the winners.  You do this because, well, you want to live out your golden years vicariously enjoying the benefits of a successful child.

Some of you want your kids to excel at sports, so you point out athletes.  You’ll be like, “Son, look at Joe Montana, he never kissed his biceps and he has four Super Bowl rings.”  But I know there’s a small group out there, likely reading iBankCoin, who want their children to have a strong market hand.  Skip the Wizard of Oz tonight.  Instead pull out this post and show them how $RGLD traded below fifty dollars for a short time.  Point to the chart and tell them a wise man named Raul bought those sub fifty prices.

Tell them how special that is and how rare surgical precision is.

Here’s the targets. I’m risking about 10 percent:


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The Stocks: They Want Higher

Sometimes you have to let a trade effervesce, gently bubbling higher.  Such is the case with LOCK, apparently.

Other times you give the trade room, and only offer it your left hand.  This is how I’m getting back into my good friend RGLD, our favorite Senator’s mining situation.

Then there’s downright degeneracy, demanding nothing but instant gratification because well, you’re a degenerate and want it NOW!  If you bought SCTY this afternoon and didn’t have this mentality, I tip my hat to you and your courage.

Let me be frank for a moment.  This has been a fantastic, albeit slightly frantic, day for the bulls and America in general.  These markets are enfuego, IN MAY.  I really hope portfolio managers took their stupid axiom to heart and missed all this capital appreciation.  For I hate them, mostly.

Raul worked in the financial services industry once.  Let’s just say there wasn’t enough trading, if you know what I mean.

My happy place is buying and selling things, all the time, like one of those Pawn Star folk.

Into the weekend, my cash is down to 30 percent.

I’ve put a shit ton of longs on, more than I can properly manage.  This weekend, I’ll be ranking these and consolidating them down.  But as it stands, here’s the look, by size:


Investments: SAM, CREE, AAPL, AWK

If you follow along on the Twitter you’ve seen these things come on, you’ve seen me scaling them down, and now I bid you adieu.  I’m off to fillet and eat one of my minons.

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Lateral Moves

While Le Doctour has taken the market’s indecision as a cue to back off from his positioning, I have been aggressively churning my portfolio like a tap dancer in a minefield.  Stocks are blowing up, and blowing down.  Stock pickers are totally en vogue as money sloshes around in the market.

Today I sold my remaining shares of LEDS around 1.35 and a brief look back suggests I sold too early.  That’s the problem with knowing a company is complete shit, you’re trigger happy on the gains.  However, a 25 percent gain in two days is sufficient to keep bread on my table.

I bought ANGI back and it started ripping so I bought more.  It’s a full position now, threatening to make all-time highs alongside our historic market.

I closed out RGLD in a passive manner.  I placed a protective stop on the name ensuring I would earn 5 percent.  It triggered and I went on my merry way.  Plus the gold chart looks peak’ish.

Into the bell, @ragincajun dropped some breadcrumbs in the back ally, via the hybrid movers, and I curb-stomped two other bums to get my hands on the best pick, AIG.  I’m long AIG now.

Finally it took every bit of discipline I have to not sell ZNGA.  It’s been flirting with my stop all day.  It’s been trading like a loser all week, but it hasn’t crossed my risk parameter yet.  It’s simple ruffling my feathers in a most egregious manner.  Let’s hope she doesn’t gap down on me.  Come’own everyone, do some hoping for Raul.


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