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Taking a Beating and Liking It

Take your fancy words like masochist and stow them under your chair.  I don’t want to hear them.


///////// \\\\\\\\\\ ////////// \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

That’s literally how it looks if only to see the chop a bit more pronounced.  MY WHEELS are spinning, you see?

LED stocks as a whole are retracing their 2013 gains after the tepid Q1 forecast from CREE.  To call the move in CREE a retracement however, may be an understatement.  This is panic and margin calls rolled into a giant blunt and smoked, like a clown, by yours truly.

Of course I bought some more CREE today, adding to my [still] green core.  I bought some into the closing bell for $58.85 #timestamp.  Even if only for a trade, I can’t stand by idle and watch my ‘ace boon coon’ CREE get bludgeoned by panicking idiots.  Oh and believe me, I have more bullets to fire at these bitches while they’re concentrated in this back ally trough.

I’m telling you now, send CREE lower, I want it lower.

Send RVLT down too, I’m patient.

I have zero edge trading earnings let’s make that clear as crystal, which it already should be.  I’m building investments here…they’ll make fine x-mas presents.


I cut some small names off my books because the /ES was trading in a downdraft.  I cut PBF, KWK, and ONVO.  I made a killing in ONVO, BTW.  The other two, not so much…

Speaking of the /ES: There’s simply no way for me to broadcast my strategy out to the world.  Back testing and optimizing has created a medium frequency beast that even I can be overwhelmed by.  I took ten trades in the /ES today, 7 were winners and I made 160 bucks trading a 1 lot.  When this system is making 160-250 bucks per contract 4-5 days/week, which it will, it can be scaled to as many contracts are needed to sustain my lifestyle.  Cool, yes?  Then I can abandon this corporate hole and go work for Cree or something.

I’m down a percent and a half today.  My cash is nearly 40 percent partially because of a series of decockings and partially due to the aforementioned sales.  Why the silver trade is back on, I have no idea.  When I return to winship lane I will be wearing an undersized tunic so you can admire my cajonies.

I want you to take that thought and hold it close this evening.


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