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Halloween Candy Only Market

There are crazy moves, both ways, going down in this market of stocks.

Early on we had a pretty solid read on the Nasdaq and S&P and we were talking through the psychology inside the 12631 pay wall.  I trade little blips in the gyrations of the NASDAQ and my current goal is not to earn money but instead to consistently identify, trigger, and manage one trading picture.  I have set the lofty goal of being right 75% of the time.  This is for me to prove TO ME that I have the fortitude to trade futures before committing adult money to the venture.

But I was watching my move play out and I started noticing excessive aggression from the sellers.  Have you ever walked up to a girl and started talking game only to quickly find out her husband or boyfriend is close in tote?  Said boyfriend often puffs out his chest and behaves like a primate because he feels threatened.  This is overreacting and once it happens you can almost rest assured you have won…something, life, the momentary affection of the women, whatever.  Market participants do the same thing all the time just before they lose.  The more you watch the tape, the clearer it becomes.

Anyhow, sellers started acting like scared bitches just before eleven and the S&P was trading up into the key battle line highlighted this morning.  This is what had me buying WDAY and WLT.  I got in before the pop and used most of my money doing it.  I am now 95% long and uncomfortably so.

So I went into my portfolio and tried really hard to find something to sell before the market makes me sell and I came out empty handed.  I know, it is completely negligent to be 95% long way up here but I cannot justify selling any of my positions where they stand.

I honestly feel as pickled into a catch 22 as I have ever felt in my trading career.

Off topic: I have sustained myself on water and candy ONLY today.  My eyes feel like they want to explode and gush sugar all over my keyboard.

Not chocolate nutty candy either…just the crack: taffies, lemon heads, now and later cubes, dubble bubbles (apropos), and jujyfruits.

Gallons of water.

Somebody convince me to sell one of these holdings, largest-to-smallest:


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Keep It Coming Love

This volatility kicked up some wonderful waves in the index futures today and boy was I in touch with the auction.  Insane.  I look at this daily candle we printed, a little insignificant wiggle in the universe of price and think, damn, I just pwned that candle, both ways, like a well-endowed swinger.

The beauty of trading index futures is you escape the rigmarole of ‘digesting’ news and staring down the barrel of a losing stock position.  I let these stocks prove themselves wrong, or right, giving them room to make noise.  There is so much god damned noise in the world.  You need a way to tune it out.

I don’t use music.  I prefer the ambient hum of printers, keyboards clacking, and phones ringing.  These are sound of business being done and money being made.

Inside my undersized cube I pull levers and click buttons with the sole intent of extracting money from the economy and fueling my escape from mediocrity.

Since I paired back my big dickt RVLT long yesterday to a more modest 10% position, I was joyous when I saw it printing a lovely candle of death.  May it bring new lows along with it so I can accumulate this story at a more modest pricing.  You need to look around a bit more and realize there are little piles of money sitting around and these prospectors have the tools to mine them.  The management may as well be a team of wild chimps because this business would take epic mismanagement to fail.

That being said, I have seen epic mismanagement and I wouldn’t wish it upon any company.

I started buying ADHD as I mentioned earlier.  Your brain is already losing attention, I can tell.  You want to read another joke or watch porn.  Go get prescribed Adderall and demand Israeli sources.  Let’s talk about models.

I love them, they are the most often quoted and retweeted people represented by Raul via the @twosmuth twitter handle.  Their symmetry is beauty, much like the market profile.  The universe awards us with symmetry, pay attention.

GOGO is slowly bleeding me out. Enjoy my blood for I no longer need it.  I will generate newer fresher blood.  This action reeks of impending death (no geriatric center).

I have far too much energy for 6pm.  I am off to spoil myself with iron work.

My port was down 1.2% today.  Peanuts until they aren’t.


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Party Like A Millennial

The indices have been all over the place this morning but their net action has done little to change the big picture.  We have a V-shaped rally in the footprint and the market is doing a decent job digesting the gains while our government continues playing political euchre.

I started buying $ADHD at about twenty bucks and I would have more at eighteen and change if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!  They did a secondary today so that risk is off the table. This stock trades awful on an intraday basis and you could drive a truck through the bid/offer spread, but the underling is wonderful.  What you are buying is a vested interest in the finest meth labs in the world.  This meth lab cranks out the most sought after drug on college campuses: “medical marching pills” or MMPs for short.  The naming is a throwback to WW2 era where the German Blitzkrieg was fueled by amphetamines.  Our soldiers are still readily dosed with MMPs to shake off jet lag and get to pitching tents and blowing things up and such.

The kicker of it is everyone covets this crap.  Raul, being the staunch proponent against all things pharmaceutical, refuses to take the juice.  I always see it as cheating and wonder, “what if I trade wonderfully on amphetamines and one day they run out?  Then I am toast.”  In short, anyone can get prescribed the drug because everyone has ADD.  In the darker circles of vice, brand name Adderall is the preferred stimulant over traditional cocaine because it is cleaner.

Trust me, I am just as disgusted as you by such abuse.  But I am not stupid.  Instead I am a buyer of dips in ADHD going forward.

It pairs with my LO stock to form my thesis that millennials party in a whole new way.  This is a big picture trade.

Now if I can just find a good molly stock I will have this thesis sewn up…

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They Want Your Shares

The kabuki theater kicked into high gear, scaring people.  That is because when you are scared you flinch, and when you slip just that much, JUST THAT MUCH, algos will lance 100 holes in you.

The market is behaving itself like a top tier executive after a good night’s sleep.  The market is reading the Wall Street Journal (have not read this paper in five or so years) while eating roasted duck and poached eggs.  The market is driving the Bentley patiently into the office and greeting the security guard at the entrance with a gingerly tip of the hat.  Then the market is meeting with its top advisors and strategizing the next big move.

The market is behaving very top hatted.

Yet jolts of fear are shooting across the bow of the stock world.  They don’t want to chase your winners.  Instead the smart money wants you to panic so they can buy your blood.

Stick with your best ideas, grab a wad of gumption and stick it in your cheek.  Then spit at the losses you are incurring and welcome a little pain into your life.

I sold out of VIPS and MHR because these were trades aka cheap thrills.  I want to focus on my core.  I’m still an oil man so I simply took down a large position in USO.

Cash is 33%

Top Picks: LED industry


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Sipping From My Cup

I was not actively trading the /ES today, but my algo was able to take two trades.  One earned 1.75 handles and the other was breakeven.

My portfolio had a very strong day today, up nearly three percent and putting me back near my high watermark of the year.  I’ve been trading my butt off to finance these investments in RVLT and CREE.  As a result, when RVLT and CREE go up, I have big days.

Let’s discuss RVLT a bit.  If we consider the sentiment chart idea, we find ourselves within the panic bounce.  To me this means any rally we see over the next few days/weeks is likely to fail.  How do you like that?  I’m telling you right now that my largest position is involved in a failed rally.  And that’s okay because my timeframe on this position is multi-year.  Let’s hope I’m correct so we can have better opportunities to buy even more shares.  Another anecdotal piece of evidence calling this rally into question is one of its origins: a {cringe} Seeking Alpha report.  The bozos at SA (as the hipsters call them) were greased to help somebody get out of a seriously underwater position.  This is just a theory, but their track record is eroding though the diligent work of iBankCoin Chief Market Strategist “The Fly”.  It puts a foul stink on the whole move.  If it wasn’t a pleasant twenty percent pressure release valve I would be even more ornery.

However, CREE reported they have retrofitted the NASA headquarters and done so quite successfully.  Hmm, Cree really knows how to land the big fish, yes?  Wrong!  The biggest fish tend to be the wisest fish—having survived years of fishing and boat propellers.  If/when these gigantic fish encounter a situation where their lighting is called into question, the data will unequivocally point them in the direction of LEDs.  Any entity that weighs the financial impact of any business decision will see the cost benefit of retrofitting their existing light structure with LEDs.  And CREE, RVLT, OESX, AIXG, RBCN, and GTAT will benefit.  Look at GTAT…shorts better pray to their demon lords that sadistic seven holds as resistance.  Otherwise the light, the good, shall prevail.

Other big winners today were TRLA, CLF, and END.  Readers, I’ve been clear with my calls.  It’s up to you to wrap risk around them.  I scaled a small piece of TRLA off because I take profit when the markets giveth.

My SKF has gone red by about three percent.  Tomorrow it comes to an interesting fork in the road where I’ll either buy more, do nothing, or scratch the trade.  I was hesitant to add to the position today when the SPY absolutely refused to roll over.  Checking back in just now, it appears it did manage to roll, BARELY.  Until I see more confirmation, I’m not loving this trade.

END needs to rip, I mean, come’on now, we’ve been flirting with the idea of going all the way for weeks. Why not get past this game of just the tip as @chessNwine often references?  I think we do, hence why I haven’t scaled any off yet.

CLF is tricky.  It has been dead money for so long and now it shows signs of life.  Do we trust it?  Or do we take our six percent and dump this cheap trick?  TBD

In closing, I kicked my cash up to 25 percent and could like to see some market weakness to buy my favorite stocks sitting on my wish list—names like Z, SFM, GOGO, AMBA, ADHD, and VPCO.

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