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Slow and Steady Trade into Friday

NASDAQ futures are coming into Friday gap down after an overnight session featuring normal range and volume.  Price briefly exceeded Thursday’s high before settling into balance.

The economic calendar is light today.  Baker Hughes rig count at 1pm, that’s it.

Yesterday we printed a neutral extreme up.  A volatile first hour of trade eventually extended lower.  The lower prices found a strong responsive bid right around the MCVPOC at 4800.  Then, at the end of the day when Microsoft reported earnings, we thrusted higher, during settlement, putting us into a neutral extreme print.

Heading into today my primary expectation is for buyers to work into the overnight inventory and close the gap up to 4844.25.  Then look for a move to take out overnight high 4849 and probe above the Wednesday high 4856.75.  Look for sellers up at 4861.25 and two way trade to ensue.

Hypo 2 sellers push down through overnight low 4832.25 and work down to 4796.75 before finding a responsive bid and settling into two way trade.

Hypo 3 strong selling pushes down to 4780.50 before two way trade ensues.



Volume profiles, gaps, and measured moves:


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Senator Diane Feinstein Admits “offer to help” and to “be a surrogate” for Clinton in Bengazi Hearings

California Senator Diane Feinstein can be seen offering Hillary motherly treatment and care during the whole Benghazi fiasco in the below email:


Feinstein is the Senator who headed our Select Committee on Intelligence which wrote a 90-page review of all the events that took place in Bengazi.  The report was, in effect, the final say on Benghazi.  Feinstein’s name is spattered all over it in big, commanding letters:


Naturally, this meddling between the executive and legislative branches of the government has internet people grabbing for their pitched forks.  They think this email is the one that will finally “get her,” which is kind of sad.  Sure, this is not good government, or as The Fly more eloquently states:

Alas, thanks to our friends in Moscow, by way of Wikileaks, we get to peer into the abyss and uncover the foliage covering the rot and the waste of the DNC — the very lowest persons in the history of the world. This is agitprop redux, the sordid blend of intoxicating power and corruptness that ruins empires.

The thing is, the people in power have chosen to dismiss the WikiLeaks, no matter how damning anything inside them may be.  This is not a democratic/republican thing, this is full on denial by the system.

But, citizen journalists keep poking away, illegally scanning these emails.  It’s the new bit torrent, except instead of downloading scary movies you find out horrific realities.

All that being said, and coming full circle, a U.S. Senator is behaving as a good surrogate mum for Mrs. Clinton.  It’s good to be in bed with the future President.  Good luck, Californians!

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Piece of Schmidt: Leaked Memo Shows Google Founder’s Close Ties To Clinton Campaign

It is comical to pass this off as news.  NEWS FLASH: Google, whose YouTube regularly censors voices who don’t conform with the HRC narrative, may have helped build the HillaryClinton.com website, according to a leaked memo from Teddy Goff, a digital strategist working with the Clinton Campaign.

The memo was attached to this email BUT BE CAREFUL GUYS, reading WikiLeaks is like committing Treason against your country.  ::laughs sadistically, and with disgust::

Below are some fun points from the memo, enjoy!

“I have been kept apprised of the work being done by Eric Schmidt’s group and others working directly and indirectly with your team. On the whole, I am comfortable with where we stand and confident in our roadmap to launch day and beyond.”

Not too many Eric Schmidts in the world. Next

“They are apprised of what Eric is building but not dependent on it, having identified commercially available products for all mission-critical functions in the event Eric’s group is delayed or otherwise derailed,”

Corporate talk for, “things are going well, boss”

“We have instructed Eric’s team to build the most important products in their portfolio—specifically, the back-end of the website, the ability to accept donations (along with associated features, most importantly the ability to store credit card information), and the ability to acquire email addresses—first,”


“Partnerships: Working relationships with Google, Facebook, Apple, and other technology companies were important to us in 2012 and should be even more important to you in 2016, given their still-ascendent positions in the culture.”


Not only should election results be called into question.  So should the news Apple shoves on your iPhone’s lock screen, the queried results from your Googler, and the ‘friends’ that show up in your Faced’book stream.

All bullshit.

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New Nuclear Plant Goes Live in Tennessee

It took 20 years, but Americans are finally waking up–the Tennessee Valley Authority fired up the reactors on their Watts Bar Nuclear Plant.

Nuclear is a clean energy, sans the radioactive byproducts.  However, and keep in mind, said byproduct is what you make really, freaking, big ass bombs from.

Nukes.  Plutonium-239. The good stuff.

Anyhow, the last three months have seen one nuke company after another slaughtered, destroyed, pummeled, knifed to death…

Data Courtesy of Exodus Market Intelligence

One little ugly duckling stands out, glowing a nice hue of green, like plutonium-239…look at UEC.  Good for them.

If I were investing into the nuclear industry, thank goodness I am not, I would invest in UEC based off this simple divergence.

I sure wish the good Cain Thaler would opine on the environment of the nuclear industry.

As cold war 2020 ramps up, expect more nuclear energy plants to come online as we manufacture more bombs.

Expect AMERICA to build them in the heartland, places like Tennessee, where the Rooskis will have a harder time targeting them.


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British Evercore ISI Positive on Israeli Mobileye; Not Good

Once Tesla Motors, the industry leader in autonomous driving, stopped working with Mobileye technology in their vehicles, it was clear the Israeli camera company would eventually fade into the ether of generics, a fate tangible product makers all eventually suffer due to copies and better technology entering the fray.

Had they stayed with Tesla, then perhaps they would have a chance at survival, latched onto the wings of Our Leader (all Praise and Glory to The Leader) as he soared to vehicular autonomy, electric greatness, and Mars.

Instead they got scared when one person died using Tesla’s autopilot feature.

New Tesla’s have much better auto-drive technology:

None if which will be from the losers at Mobileye.

Anyhow, rumor has it the investment research arm of Evercore ISI, a British outfit, decided to join the rank of piker and issue a positive note on Mobileye.

Mobileye stock [ticker: MBLY]  is up 2% on the rumor after being America’s punching bag for the last few months.

This seems like a good opportunity to short MBLY and buy more TSLA.


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NASDAQ Futures Make New Low Heading into The Open

NASDAQ futures are coming into Thursday gap down after an overnight session featuring normal range and volume.  Price was balanced, mostly, until falling to session lower around 8:45am.  At 8:30am Initial/Continuing jobless claims were worse than expected and the Philly Fed number was slightly better then expectations.

Also on the economic calendar today we have two items at 10am–Existing Home Sales and Leading Indicators.  Both soft items, unlikely to roil the markets.

Yesterday we printed a normal variation up.  Price opened flat, it made a little range extension up, then churn and balance took hold inside Tuesday’s range.  Dangerous territory for day-traders.

Heading into today my primary expectation is for buyers to work into the overnight inventory and close the gap up to 4832.  From here we move lower, take out overnight low 4821.25 and continue lower to 4807 before two way trade ensues.

Hypo 2 sellers are stronger, take out 4807 to target the open gap at 4804 then the MCVPOC at 4796.25 before we settle into two-way action.

Hypo 3 buyers work gap fill up to 4832 then take out overnight high 4844 and make a move above Tuesday’s high 4856.75 to target the MCVPOC at 4861.25.



Volume profiles, gaps, and measured moves:


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Steady Uptrend Overnight Puts Last Week’s Bears Under Pressure

NASDAQ futures are coming into Tuesday gap up after an overnight session featuring abnormal range on normal volume.  Price steadily trended higher overnight, testing up into the conviction selling day from Tuesday of last week.  At 8:30am Consumer Price Index came in below expectations, ex. food and energy.

Also on the economic calendar today we have the NAHB Housing Market Index at 10am and a 4-week T-Bill auction at 11:30am.  Intel and Yahoo report earnings after market close.

Yesterday we printed a normal day.  These rare prints occur when the first hour of trade is so dynamic, so OTF active, that the rest of the day cannot exceed the wide range of the initial balance.  At the end of the day, after a tight balance that slowly worked toward session low, earnings from Netflix and IBM put a strong bid into the market.

Heading into today my primary expectation is for a gap and go trend up.  Look for a quick move up to the MCVPOC at 4861 before sellers step in and two way trade ensues.

Hypo 2 sellers work into the overnight inventory and test last Friday’s high 4841.  They push down a bit lower, but buyers step in ahead of 4816 and two way trade ensues.

Hypo 3 strong sellers work down into overnight inventory, working a gap fill down to 4804 then taking out overnight low 4799.75.  Look for buyers down at 4780.50 and two way trade to ensue.

Hypo 4 stronger trend up works up to the open gap at 4893.50 before two way trade ensues.



Volume profiles, gaps, and measured moves:


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Netflix Up Double Digits After Hours on Earnings

Investors are happy with the performance of streaming content provider Netflix.  Shares are up nearly +18% following their Q3 earnings release.

The stock is higher despite the collective groan by fundamental analysts, who find the company’s valuation grotesque.

One of my favorite ways to use Exodus is trading the 12 month hybrid oversold signals.  I manage to position with the Hybrid Chg %  column.  As long as it never logs a negative % change larger than the positive % change, I stick with the position.

Note how hybrid change was never greater to the downside since the last signal:


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Sputnik News Agency Shut Down

It could be a ddos attack, or government meddling, or Natasha in IT spilling coffee on their servers, but the good folks at Sputnik News Agency are under attack.  Their website is currently down.

UPDATE II: The site is back up and running on all platforms.  No word on what caused the outage.

UPDATE: the loading errors continue when attempting to access sputniknews.com via mobile device, but the desktop site is now working.

The Sputnik servers went down Monday just hours after the U.K. froze all bank accounts associated with rt.com.

Mother Russia and their brand of propaganda are under attack in the western world.

As a western citizen, you are only to consume your news from domestic agencies who can properly filter and censor what you see.

Carry on.

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Futures Resolve Higher After An Evening of Bear Raids

NASDAQ futures are coming into the week flat after an overnight session featuring normal range and volume.  Price worked lower for much of the evening, probing to the midpoint from last Thursday before an early-morning round of buying put the market back to unchanged.

On the economic calendar today we have Industrial Production at 9:15am, and both 3- and 6-month T-Bills us for auction at 11:30am.

Last week was choppy but overall markets worked lower.  Here is the performance of each major index last week:


Reminder: the Russell 2000 may lead the market this week

On Friday, the NASDSQ printed an ugly normal variation down.  After a gap up and morning drive higher, buyers fizzled out.  Sellers then negated the morning drive and gap before 2-way trade ensued.

Heading into today my primary expectation is for sellers to work into the early morning inventory.  Look for a move down to 4788 to reveal buyers who work up through overnight high 4806.  Look for sellers ahead of 4820 and two way trade to ensue.

Hypo 2 strong buyers off the open take out overnight high 4806 and continue higher through the Friday weak high at 4841.  Look for sellers up at 4850 and two way trade to ensue.

Hypo 3 sellers work down through overnight low 4781 and target 4751.25 before two way trade ensues.



Volume profiles, gaps, and measured moves:


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