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Wait Were We Bidding Up $ZNGA Because of Gambling or $YHOO?

Whilst I was away Zynga popped and faded on news that Yahoo was looking to acquire engineers via  an acquisition.  If you bought that news and are now underwater get ready to be squeezed into liquidation.  If you’re new to ZNGA I would like to welcome you to the cocaine train.  Be prepared for spikes of euphoria followed by long stretches of pessimistic stomach churning.  You may find yourself irritable during this stretch, likely because you’re long more shares than should be.

Let me explain something to you: there’s a big head and shoulders forming on the daily chart of Facebook.  This can affect all social shares because Facebook is the goblin and these other companies are mere goons.  What’s a goon to a goblin?  Absolutely nothing.

Play Zynga for online poker and nothing more.  If you’re oversized this degenerate, cocaine addled name, seek help.

As of this writing ZNGA is a 5% position.

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Hopping Back in the Saddle

Right now is one of those times where looking back at everything accomplished in five days seems blurry and more dreamlike than reality.  After trekking through over 1000 miles of jungles, mountains, beaches, and cities I’m back at my desk staring out at the snowy landscape.  I feel somewhat out of sorts with the stock market.  After returning home at 3am this morning and catching a cat nap, I immediately went to my favorite deli and procured a prosciutto and cheese on a hard role.  Good deli meats are non-existent near the equator.

Once to my office I received the warm welcome of over 1000 emails.  This is something unique to the corporate world, robots mailing robots mostly.  I even consider many of the humans who send me 50+ emails a day to be robots.  I read about 10 emails and the rest were Shift+Deleted to their final resting place.  How much cover your ass (CYA) work is necessary when you do very little actual work?  I’m once again laser beam focused on my exit plan.

Normally I have a watch list primed up with hot stocks ready to rip.  Most of these names are poached from others.  I also have a few screeners in finviz saved and key sectors I’m watching.  Today all I have are my extended socials and LED stocks, tit ripping into the stratosphere.  I’m very tempted to liquidate and regroup.  I’ve been smashed to bits by March two years in a row.  Going into the midmonth with another 3% in gains has me very trigger happy.

With my personal enterprise, it’s interesting how little mistakes compile while I’m away.  However, it offers me an excellent opportunity to correct my minions.  If you don’t know how to correct your minions, you’re better off being a minion.  Behave accordingly.

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Forgetting About Sleep and Pressing Onward

It has been a day of pure intensity of the awesome variety today/yesterday where sleep has been traded for long night drives through jungle switchbacks and rocking up on a gnarly pacific beach.  I’ve been awake since Wednesday morning, and the thought of sleeping is still distant in consideration.

There sometimes comes a point where you look back at your body of work and where you currently are and realize you’re on the right track.  All the work we do as traders, internet addicts, and “professionals” pays heavy dividends when you’re calling a massive villa home base. I could go on about the amenities, but it’s sufficient to say the infinity pool is two-tiered with a swim-up bar.  The house follows suit making it one hell of a party atmosphere.

Earlier the internet was so-so but now it’s blazing DSL fast.  Interestingly, this seems very slow to me.  Then I remember that wretched 56k dial-up action.  We were so naïve in those days.  There’s a staff of three in the villa, including a strange man who shows up at sunset and sits out front.  We’re surrounded by other villas of the four-story variety and all have fortress like barriers that would make surviving a zombie apocalypse simple.  Think six inch spikes juxtaposed in voodoo patterns atop seven foot concrete walls.

They seem a bit much, but then perhaps there’s something you need to keep out on full moons?  Everyone I meet is happy and with good reason as they’re living in paradise.  I guess if left to their own device, hunger is hunger and these villas are sweet targets for pirating.  All the normal houses resemble tin can structures with just as much security.  But enough about that, the amenities and downtown are ace.

The market I can’t comment much on.  Without my finger directly on the pulse I seem to not have my feel for the rotations and hot spots.  ANGI ripped, but was faded.  It buoyed my portfolio into the green today.  The fade today in RGLD should tell you it’s a violent road ahead for the metal and miners.  To think they would just rip tits off of the Wednesday strength now seems questionable.  There’s a ton of work to do above.  The sharp rejection of the 9 ema would have me trigger ready tomorrow to sell.  But considering my jungle mentality, I’m giving the trade room.  Take out my stop, ga’head

I suppose that’s it.  Oh yes one last thing.  If we’re going to have a vote for the interim tabbed j-a-b, throw my name in the race.  If we end up not voting, all the same.  Like a hungry donkey, I will continue to forage for winning picks and bring them to you live, like a donkey.


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Unplugging and Heading into the JUNGLE

For the last three years, I’ve been tethered rather tightly to the internet.  It’s been within pockets reach at the worst, and blown up large on two 24-inch Samsungs at best.  However, this afternoon Raul is embarking on a quest deep into the jungles of Central America.  I’ll only be down there for a week’s time, but I plan to be checking in only intermittingly while away.

The original plan was to go almost entirely to cash, and I’ve managed to raise my cash levels quite a bit these last few sessions.  The problem is this damn trend is a beast. There’s one other “problem” named helicopter Ben.  Check out his March POMO schedule:


With the trend in mind, and all this cash being rained on the market, going to cash now could mean missing out on a bucket-o-fun.  Therefore, instead of getting some crazy 80% cash level, I’m placing some good-until-cancel orders to stop out my positions.  They’re way out of the way, allowing for some drawdown if the stock gods see fit to take my coin.

Without further adieu, here is my entire book. Feel free to toss ham and mashed potatoes in ridicule of any losers I hold whilst I’m away.  The following are my positions, all longs, listed by size:


UPDATE: add RGLD to the list. I can’t let you guys have all the fun 😉

My cash level is 40%

I hope to find a reliable connection so I may access my VPN to get my profiles, but I’m not banking on it.  I also hope to bring the jungle to you, internet people, live, as I see fit.  Trade well friends.

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Peeling Yesterday Open to See What Today May Bring

Good morning mountain climbers!  We’ve awoken to another green globex session, as the market continues its march to new highs.  Overnight the session peaked out at 1544.25 and as we press through the mid-week the ball is firmly in the bull’s court.  It’s important they remain in control at these elevations, perhaps a gap-and-go situation otherwise sellers could target a gap fill back to Monday.

I’ve cut my profile chart down to the last two sessions only now that we’ve poked above the range battle that occurred over the last few weeks to get my eye closer to the action.  On the surface, yesterday looks like a balanced session with a smooth bell curve as the result.  Peeling it open, we see a gentle roll occurred throughout the session, with what looks like profit taking from longs into the bell.

The big gap below is cause for concern.  However, given the context of our trend higher it poses less risk of filling.  I’ve market a few levels I’ll be keying off of today on the chart.  It wouldn’t completely surprise me to see the lows get taken out to shake out a few longs before we continue the day unchanged or higher.


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Today’s FUCK Is Brought to YOU by the Letter $CREE

You are dealing with a very jaded trader, folks.  It really takes something big to rustle my jimmies.  Being fired from iBankCoin was like coming into my home and kicking my dog.  That just brings out an entirely nasty side of Raul that NOBODY wants to be around.

So here I am, losing twitter followers daily, picking my cursing back up, flipping a middle finger to slow drivers in the fast lane, and BANKING COIN AT ALARMING RATES.

iBankCoin is the ONLY website I’ve trusted to be a beacon of truth for the last four years of my life.  I thought I found my people.  Pirating, profiting badasses.  Then I got fired while pounding the table on winners.

Do you have any idea how bullish I’ve been on CREE?  I’m not going to fish through my archives, Fly’s comment boards, The PPT, and twitter to show you.  Instead I solemnly swear that what I tell you is truth.  I trade real money and I love it.  I’ve blown up no less than three accounts in my quest.  I’ve penned horrible blogs, and good ones.

All I can do is continue down this rabbit hole to wealth and decadence.  There was a day when hitting grand salami’s at a high average earned accolades and a respectful seat at iBankCoin.  Now it earns you a cold cup of soup and a back-alley dick punch.

Yet still, here I am, grinning ear-to-ear.  Back to trading.

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Taking the Show on the Road and Important Answers

Good morning to you!  We’re waking up to mildly green futures this morning, mildly green as we once again stretch our reach toward the peak of “momo-mountain”.  The terrain is jagged up here and it looks like our only way out of it is up, up, and away, like He-man.  Or Super Man.

There’s something important for me to address today, and that’s the big long exposure I have.  You see, I only have today and tomorrow morning to decide what to do with my positioning before I head deep into the jungle. That’s right!  Raul is taking this show on the road baby!  And why the hell not, we make all of this money for a reason, and that’s to LIVE!

The timing of my trip is in alignment with future traders rolling over to the June contract.  Once you begin trading futures, you’ll get a feel for the mild frustration that is rollover.  I personally don’t like the rollover period whatsoever, so I figure pare that with the sub-arctic weather canvassing the north, it was a perfect time to hit the high heat, high humidity.

Enough about my escape, let’s look at some important developments within the daily auctions.  The globex session pushed the market to fresh highs, peaking out at 1530.25 and I don’t have much to cue off of above that level. It’s open air, trade accordingly.

Below I’ve only noted the key zone that needs to hold.  Things get VERY slippery below there and it’s a major blow to confidence.  Should we sustain trade below there, I’m cutting back big time, keeping only my ace names, NAMES LIKE CREE, who took it upon themselves to make Edison’s stupid incandescent bulb and that goofy squiggly CFL OBSOLETE!  Adios bad tech, hello good.  Tesla is a smiling mass of electrons somewhere today.

Bottom Line: Raul is heading into the jungle and will bring it to you live.  The only way out is up.  The profiles point to higher prices.  Thomas Edison was a corporate hit man.


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Eating the Bears’ Honey

What a fantastically well day to be long the stock market, fine chaps.  Chip, chap-a-rue!  Looking at all of the indicators on the indices, and the profile development, you may have thought we would see some weakness today.  Certainly the extended nature of the markets as we entered a new month could raise concern.  However, the stock gods (no Buffet) would not have any part in a red Monday in March.  As a matter of fact, they saw fit to make it a rather green day for all the leprechauns peering at the sunrise.

Speaking of sunrise, did you catch my morning thoughts?  I’m sure most of you didn’t and that’s super great news.  I’m really not sure why I share such sage knowledge with you untidy troglodytes.  You’re better off being shown how to maintain proper hygiene, for instance, more than you should be taught anything else.  Anyhow, if you missed it, the plan was to cut long exposure if we traded south of 1509 on the S&P March future contract.  We didn’t, so I didn’t.  Actually, let’s look at what I did today.

Bought and sold RGLD, losing a dollar per share but nothing more

Bought some TRLA around 11am

Scaled some profits in ANGI amidst the HOD spike #flawless execution

Scaled some profits in ZNGA but retain a ½ position #readyformore

Bought CCJ down here on deal, per Premier Obama electing a #nuclear czar

Scaled some profits off on RH, the stock I bought near the LOD on Friday, easy five banger

I must say, all of that action was rather rewarding but at the same time left me parched.  Much water had to be consumed.  I walked to a cool river and drank side-by-side with a grizzly bear.  I noticed he caught a fish, a very tempered fish.  I slapped said fish from his mouth, setting it free into the river.  Then I mounted his fat body and demanded he become my transportation.  His stupid-harry head hung in shame as I rode him back to my trading terminal.  It was a good Monday.

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Hot Pocket


I’m currently participating in a pocket of high energy moves via these mobile internet/housing plays.  Take a look at TRLA, Z, and ANGI.  I’m long all three for the parlay. These stocks are gaining the attention of investors both for their expertise in the mobile/social platform and for their exposure to housing, which many believe to be resurging.

Courtesy of finvz.com


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Piling on the Victories as De facto Cast Away

I’m chopping away at the market this morning, zipping through the internet like an invisible ghost.  I’ll tell you something, I prefer it this way.  Fuck attention I only want to trade well and bank coin.  This site, this site right here, that you’re on, iBankCoin, this site, it was the beacon of truth.  In my eyes, there wasn’t a more pure place for people of the internet to gather and discuss the important matter of accumulating wealth and comporting yourself as a gentleman.

Now, I don’t even know.

Sure, rules were set at the beginning of my interim position.  And no, I did not meet the 3% goal for earning a tabbed home on the site.  Nobody did.  What did I do?

Propel my portfolio to all-time highs

Tell jokes

Spoon-feed winners

Get to the point

And now let me get to the point once again: I’m not going to change my style for internet attention.  I’ll keep writing here or elsewhere, and I couldn’t care less about who reads it.  It makes me sharper, talking to you cretins.

This morning I bought some TRLA and RGLD.  RGLD is already a loser and I’ll be selling it soon.  I told you I don’t like knife catching.  I had a plan based on the most recent swing, it didn’t work out, and I’m looking for a graceful exit.  Note that I used a tiny 1/3 position because I accepted the low probability of success.

I took a loss, BOOM!  It happens.  The key is limiting the downside.

What else?  I took a scale on ANGI during that REDICULIOUS spike up to $18.34, and reported it real time.  Get it while it’s here boy.

Now it’s all eyes on ZNGA.  Adios homos


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