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The show must go on

Happy New Year dearest iBankCoin lads.

I sort of took the first week off. Not by choice. My premium data feed was cut-off at the strike of midnight. I came into the new year cold and alone with no data to soothe me.

Apparently a good friend of mine had pinned me into a legacy rate all these years ago and it finally expired and now they don’t want to make good on the offer anymore.

They want me to pay many more dollars per month for data. And I took offense to it because as soon as the new year struck it seemed like everyone was out for me lucky charms.

Modern society preys on the weak. Oh, 50-some-year-old lady, you’re locked out of your Robinhood account? I have called to help. Please send me a photo of your driver’s license and stay on the line with me. We’ll have this resolved lickety-split. Click.

And just because there are tens of thousands of miserable fucks who would just as soon rip your eyeball out and feed it to you doesn’t mean we have to stoop to their unsavory tactics.

Did anyone see that video of the giant rockslide in Brazil over the weekend? The commentary below the video is fucked. Fine, make light of multiple deaths. But other people go so far as writing things like, “fuck’em.” So tough and miserable behind their computer screens.

And soon we’ll be even more immeresed in the world-wide-web. Have you chaps strapped into the new Oculus yet? Absolutely incredible. A huge step towards the end of productive humanity. But also a tool that will empower a whole new generation of creators to do powerful things. I suppose it comes down to the guidance of our youth.

I have a clear goal. I always have. Without it I would be washed away by the torrential stream of opportunities that cross my desk on a weekly basis. My job is to extract as many fiat dollars as possible from the global financial complex. Said dollars are then to be converted into real assets—modern agricultural equipment that automates the process. Good cement with drain pipes and radiant heat running through it. Giant pole barn warehouses with forklifts and electric vehicle charging.

Society may be on a trajectory that is leaving most of yous behind, but I have been playing this game from 5 years in the future for quite some time. As soon as some enterprising mother fucker with deeper pockets gets hip to my latest idea, I’ve already skimmed the creme. They can have the milk of it. I am not here to trudge through life earning an 18% EBITDA. Fuck that.

ALL THIS STATED…my negotiations for premium data are ongoing. I have feelers out with a couple other data providers, but no deal yet. Therefore I do not have the information I need to produce IndexModel. Two weeks without Sunday research would legitimately make me feel sick. So I am going to put together a mini report in a bit.

Stay tuned.

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  2. flea

    Sounds like they jacked the fee from $6/mo to $15/mo. Good decision.

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