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No trading report, instead some thoughts

The way the NASDAQ is drifting is real fine. Really fine indeed. But I see no urgency to trade it.

So let me offload something that has plagued me recently more than ever—folks rooting for my downfall.

They hate to see it. I am so freaking happy-go-lucky, and I don’t need a boss telling me what to do because I self motivate. I can work a room like Austin Powers, and I rival the beauty of America’s next top models.

While I mostly keep out of everyone’s way, and often even go out of my way to share insights I gain from hundred of hours of research and applied speculation, their are still lads who cannot stand me.

For one, I made a fortune betting on Elon Musk and for some reason that was immoral or unethical or idk just plum wrong. Then I really struck a nerve with all this NFT guff.

My main takeaway is acceptance. This is the role I was given in life and all I can do now is be the absolute best speculator and keep on being a bit of a goof. I refuse to be a serious sally. That isn’t who I am.

Okay for now. Trade’em well if you do.

Raul Santos, November 19th 2021

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