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Mopping the tile on this special anniversary

Greetings lads and good evening,

I am on a zoom call and my a.d.d is triggering so I am firing up the old blog machine to placate my need to work while these people do their talking and I sit here looking pretty on the video.

I’ve been the ah custodian here at iBankCoin for oh about 10 years now, yep. Sort of hanging out in the boiler room, turning dials and spinning knobs, not really keeping anything running, just lingering for alpha and cleaning up messes along the way.

iBankCoin is/was a web 2.0 platform and I was here for it. The ability to scribe my thoughts onto the ancient walls of the internet, and really leave my mark as an american wierd-o was an opportunity I could not miss. Now I am doing the same as we hatch this terrifying egg that is web 3.0.

The Fly has been good to me. Like he said, he’s mostly run freely, and I’ve done the same. I’ve seen some shit. Things I’m not proud of but also things that were formative. I am fairly certain ZeroPointNow was a Russian chaos agent sent to brainwash our echo chamber.

Like where is that fucker today?

We don’t know.

But anyhow this truly is a special corner of the internet, and I salute anyone who frequents these hallowed halls.

I like to think I’ve added value. One of my favorite pastimes when a trade is going against me is to clean. Mid-day today I mopped the floors while keeping an eye on the global financial complex via my 70-inch sammy. It looks like we caught a decent bounce this afternoon. Will it mark low of week?

Again, we don’t know. But at least the floors are Mr. Clean fresh.

The bounce looked okay. And I suppose that’s enough for now. Congrats to Le Fly. And congrats to everyone here. Cheers to tomorrow and cheers to another 14 years.

I want.to.die.here.



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