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Likely the most deranged Halloween blog // Raul has gone mad

Allow this dusty old scarecrow to wish you the happiest of Halloweens here inside the hallowed halls of iBankingCoin dot gov dot io dort commmmmmmm.

I am dying. Every day the reaper takes a swipe at me, affixing another grey into mah beard and making mah bones all crotchety. My apex diet and expensive skincare routine only do so much to delay this inevitability. I take no prescriptions medications, opting instead to raw dog life like my ancestors from the old country.

It is very american to use pills for this-or-that, when most disease is associated with either consuming too much or not enough alcohol.

Am I an alcoholic?

We don’t know.

If I am it is one of those high functioning ones they write about in the psychology journals.

Because my goodness do I work too hard.

And sometimes smart.

But often just hardt.

I am hard on things and my body is no exception. I went out on a haunt last night, dressed as a like a rastafarian scarecrow or something, walking down the middle of dark city streets with a ten-foot tall sunflower stalk, daring vehicles to chal-lenge me. It was all quite unnerving to for the for the for the yes for the women, but I knew and soon they realized that a spooky apparition is the last thing anyone wants to trifle with.

Especially on devil’s night.

Folks are superstitious.

Not me though. I’m just a dusty old scarecrow. Heck, it is debatable whether I even have a brain.

I have spreadsheets. And little doohickeys whipped up by chaps who seem smart. Like Senior Traphouse’o’canna, who one year ago launched Stocking labs.

Let’s pause for a minute and give them/they/he/him a round of applause for the massive effort of building the cocked lab.

::applause go round::

But onto more pressing matters. I am going to die. And while I really dig Jackie Bitcoin’s style and swagger, and find his Twitter app to be most addicting, I have to say he is not moving fast enough building muh metaverse.

These augmented sex parties need to happen soon. While I still have this deviant cock jolting me awake like I fell on a rod of angle iron. And while I would rather be at a kinky vr orgy with Jacked Dorsel it seems like Toucan Mark and the Bongo Brigade are the ones who can actually build muh umm…web 3?

Do you understand what I am getting at here? Man?

I might sell everything and go all in on FB aka MVRS.

I know you guys. You like to smart your way through investing. With you big brains and tinkey winkeys you go hunting for some derivative shit stock that maybe just maybe will 5x its way into metaverse infamy. Me I just want the biggest, most immortally cruel giga corporation.

Googed gle. Microed soft. End vidia.

Like why would I ever own a stock like lucid when there’s Tesla? Gay-med stop when there’s Amazon?

I don’t have time for underdogs. I work too hardt, you hear me? But fine. Go be medium smart and sift a diamond from the endless stream of corporate shit.

Barbecue Mark might work too hardt I don’t know but what I do know is he has more money than god and he’s deploying it at a hot clip to build the metaverse.

Jack built a tip jar and a newsletter service.

All I’m trying to say here is I don’t have a brain but I have a pissed off rooster and if I don’t take it for a walk 4-5x a day nothing gets done around here. Before I take the big sleep someone needs to upload my conscious to the metaverse so raul can haunt these halls forever.

I want to die here.

Happy Halloween.

Raul Santos, October 31st 2021

Here is 362nd edition of Strategy Session.

Stocklabs Strategy Session: 11/01/21 – 11/05/21

I. Executive Summary

Raul’s bias score 3.55, medium bull*. Follow-thru rally through Wednesday morning. Then look for the third reaction to FOMC rate decision Wednesday afternoon to dictate direction into the second half of the week. Nonfarm payroll data due out Friday morning may serve to accelerate the predominant direction.

*extreme Rose Colored Sunglasses bullish bias triggered, see Section V.


Trend up Monday. Continuation Tuesday on the NASDAQ despite some weakness in the other indices. Continued rally for the rest of the week.

The last week performance of each major index is shown below:

Rotational Report:

Strong rotations. Market rallied in all the right places.


For the week, the performance of each sector can be seen below:

Nine weeks back we had a major bullish skew that was never negated. Then two weeks back we had another major bullish skew.

Last week skewed slightly to the negative side.


Here are this week’s results:

III. Stocklabs ACADEMY

Indexmodel remains untouched

For now the oscillator thresholds remain untouched. Next time the signal fires off a bearish signal I will take a closer look at the model and how it behaved during similar scores in the past and assess.

Note: The next two sections are auction theory.

What is The Market Trying To Do?

Week ended searching for sellers


What is The Market Likely To Do from Here?

Weekly forecast:

Follow-thru rally through Wednesday morning. Then look for the third reaction to FOMC rate decision Wednesday afternoon to dictate direction into the second half of the week. Nonfarm payroll data due out Friday morning may serve to accelerate the predominant direction.

Bias Book:

Here are the bias trades and price levels for this week:

Here are last week’s bias trade results:

Bias Book Performance [11/17/2014-Present]:

Here comes the tricky part of the overplay for the underlay

Markets fluctuate between two states—balance and discovery.  Discovery is an explosive directional move and can last for months.  In theory, the longer the compression leading up to a break, the more order flow energy to push the discovery phase.

We are monitoring two instruments, the Nasdaq Transportation Index and the PHLX Semiconductor Index.

Transports are gunning for all time highs after a drawn out consolidation down in that dip trough. Likely has enough energy to probe up beyond.

See below:

Semiconductors really set up that overplay for the underlay nicely. So far it is playing out exactly how we expected it to. This is the challenging part of the trick—it is back near the highs and this looks like a range. And it might go range bound here. Or, in true overplay for the underlay fashion it will probe the highs and accelerate to the upside.

Primary expectation remains that the PHLX semiconductor index is running the overplay for the underlay playbook and will accelerate to the upside.


Bias model is extreme Rose Colored Sunglasses [RCS] bullish for a second consecutive week after being bearish RCS for two consecutive weeks. Bias model was neutral four reports back after signaling Rose Colored Sunglasses [RCS] bearish five weeks ago. It was neutral the prior two weeks after being Rose Colored Sunglasses [RCS] bearish eight weeks back after being neutral nine reports back and Rose Colored Sunglasses bearish for the two consecutive weeks prior to that.

We had a Bunker Buster thirty five weeks ago.

Extreme Rose Colored sunglasses calls for a sideways drift, perhaps with a slight upward bias.

Here is the current spread:


“A founder is not a job, it’s a role, an attitude.” – Jack Dorsey

Trade simple, trading is work


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