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Returning focus back to extracting fiat and quieting down

Last week my brain really went wild. You know, the initial jolt of covid-19 shutting down the economy came right after I spent a month living in an RV out west, snowboarding and climbing some of the highest mountains in North America. I went from one exciting thing into another. I was helping so many people these last few months transition into the work-from-home life. It felt like I was accomplishing so much. A virus had suddenly validated a way of life I knew to be better a decade ago. Then the excitement tapered off.

So I got all keyed up on planting food. I frantically hurried to prepare my gardens for the hundreds of seeds I’d purchased. I helped others plant their crops. It was a huge work load and kept me excited. Then the excitement tapered off. The irrigation is keeping everything growing and the nutrient feedings are once a week.

Then George Floyd was assassinated by cops. I have never liked cops. Cops in Detroit rarely help a situation. Okay sometimes they certainly do, and I appreciate them to an extent. Most of the time they show up after the crimes, bag up the body and start asking all sorts of questions that make civilians feel at risk of being incarcerated. Fucking acting tough when we can all tell they’re really the douche bags from high school who couldn’t just vibe and enjoy life. Power hungry beta cuckolds who couldn’t figure out how to be cool. The video of George Floyd’s murder sparked a rage and served as an urgent catalyst to reignite the ever important civil rights movement. This is ongoing, and while I continue to participate in the peaceful marches in our town and find more ways to be an ally to the black community, the initial rush of emotions has abated.

Suddenly my mind was without any stimuli strong enough to spark up my nucleus accumbens. I spent like way too much time on Twitter last week trying to feed my addictive personality. Finally, after a week of these little errors, wasting time on Twitter or Facebook or whatever, I made a big mistake.

I sold off a portion of my Tesla investment.


To fill the void I bought the following items:

  • Bitcoin and bitcoin SV
  • New sunglasses
  • Added to my FB investment
  • Three new bathing suits and a psychedelically printed swim cap
  • A bunch of birthday presents for my nephew
  • Three Pendelton blankets
  • Anthropology sheets
  • Head and foot boards for my heckin’ bed

There still is a bunch of fiat left that I am earmarking for a kitchen remodel and greenhouse purchase later on this summer.

I shouldn’t have sold TSLA. None of these things will fill the void left behind from shedding 1/3rd of my position. TSLA shares were up +10% the very next day.

Anyhow, I woke up early this morning, did some reading, had coffee with my special lady friend, then sat down and did my Sunday research. It is time to lay off the brain junk food and focus back on extracting fiat american dollars from the global equity complex. I have one job.

Models are bullish heading into next week and I wish you all a prosperous week of industry and trade.

Cheers and salute.

Raul Santos, July 12th, 2020

Exodus members, the 294th edition of Strategy Session is live. Check out the updated NASDAQ transportation index chart. That contextual index will likely tell the story next week, even while everyone else is focusing on bank earnings.


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  1. CoinSpeak

    Selling TSLA at this level is the right call. You will be able to rebuy lower and bank coin.

    My crypto based overbought signals are flagging for Tesla. This is very rare for stocks.

    Yes, Tesla may run further but it won’t last.

    Do not fomo this. Don’t give it back now, be patient. You work too hardt.

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