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For all intents and purposes it is already the year 2020

One of the things I love about trading futures contracts is the forward thinking involved. A younger Raul spent far too much time thinking about the future, worrying about the future, impatiently waiting for this supposed future I fantasized. These days I am not so caught up in these thoughts, so the contracts themselves are an interesting exercise in planning.

First of all they expire every quarter. And to obfuscate matters, they expire on the third Friday of each quarter’s final month. Then to REALLY throw off the unwashed noob, active traders switch to trading the next quarter’s contract the Thursday one week before the Friday in which expiration occurs.


So last Thursday, most active traders switched over to the March 2020 contract.  I stuck with the December 2019 contract through Friday morning, then I wrote a long post about growing up dumb, poor and catholic. Starting tomorrow, Monday, I will be trading the March contract.

The H20 contract.

Naturally, as I load this contract onto my charts my mind drifts to March. An especially dreary month March is up here in the murder mitten, but it has its own charm. Usually my mind is clear come March, due to all the time I’ve spent high atop the Rocky Mountains, breathing the thin pure air, drinking directly from its streams, eating its fish meat and all around creating head space with hiking boarding and the like.

And if that is to be the case, then I need to handle my affairs, and quickly, so I can pack up and head west.

Therefore I am off to resolve some unfinished business and make use of this fine Sunday.


Raul Santos, December 15th 2019

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    What does the year 2020 even mean, in eternity?

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