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I worked late Friday

As a rule of thumb, and folks I have massive thumbs, my hands were passed down from the old country. GRANDPA RAUL was a soldier for the fascist Mussolini regime.  He spent seven years as a prisoner-of-war in Africa before returning to Italy and adding five children to the three he’d had before the war, one of those children being Elder Raul.  As a rule of thumb I do not trade late into the Friday session because there is no sense in sullying the mind before two days of market-free rest.  A big loss late in the day Friday can distract nearly 48 hours of family time and philosophical study, and it just isn’t worth taking that risk for another seven or eight hundred fiat American dollars.  But I worked late Friday because I had a reason to stick around and trade:

Exodus also aligned with my late-Friday buy campaign:

This is a big problem with losing “traders” —they take action for the sake of action because they are trying to fill some existential void in their life with purpose, unaware that by carelessly trading financial instruments in an attempt to fill that void they are likely to blow an even wider chasm in their soul as their suffering and losing drives the people they love away from them.  Then, in isolation, these failed traders turn their self-pitying into blaming society, the democrats, women too smart/attractive to engage, Big Tech and more as an excuse for their failure.  This destructive loop continues, ad nauseam, until they either snap out of it and make a determined effort to rebuild the software inside their minds or they give up and return to being a W-2 wage slave, being told what to do like a dog because they are incapable of catching their own bounty like a wolf.

Anyways, if you are reading the old Raul blog you likely identify far more as a they/them wolf then a dog.  I worked late Friday because I had a reason to and while it is bad form to talk about winning trades I’ll just say it was a pretty sweet Friday.


Most of the firms relevant to the NASDAQ 100 have already reported.  The Fed has already cut interest rates.  It’s already November.  The algos are still bullish.  This run on the highs is long-in-tooth but that is no reason to assume it is about to roll over.  It might, but as I discussed in this Sunday’s Exodus Strategy Session, always trying to be on the ‘right’ side of the market’s oscillations is unrealistic.  YES, we have been on both sides of all the last several major market rotations inside Strategy Session, but that is not always going to be the case and to think it will be is foolish.  If you want to be a fool there is a whole finance site dedicated to being a fool.  There are also books called “Idiots Guide To…” that are perhaps better suited for people who view themselves this way.  We do not view ourselves this way.

We are astute speculators, fully accepting our fate.  We live by the sword.  We know the inherent risk of our craft and we do our absolute best to mitigate those risks.  Then we show up every day with a plan and we trade that plan and let the results of these activities happen.  Trading like this can be a tool for building our character at all times, regardless of the outcome.  Or it can be an accelerated route to becoming a degenerate.


Raul Santos, November 3rd, 2019.

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