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Better late then never

Just wrapped up Sunday research.  Now I am ready for the week.  I stayed up all night dancing to house music at an unsanctioned venue somewhere in southwest Detroit.  Then I did 90 minutes of hatha-style yoga and had a modest brunch.  This put me into a pleasant mid-day sleep and here we are.

IndexModel is back to neutral.

The algorithims have been dialed into the market these last several weeks and the morning trading plans have been solid.  On Thursday last week, I pulled a pivot that took a bit longer than I would hope.  There was an error in my execution that cost me about 200 NASDAQ points that I could have booked and then ripped back the other direction.

Regardless, I manage to flip around and trade on the proper side of the tape for the tail-end of the week.  It is okay to be wrong, it’s not okay to stay wrong.

Anyhow there is not much else on my radar.  I am bullish into the first full week of the fourth quarter.

The last quarter of the decade.


Raul Santos, October 6th, 2019

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