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IndexModel updated, still bullish

Greetings and good morning to the Humble Raul Blog readership!

I was on the road until late Sunday night, traversing from top-left to bottom right of the murder mitten, and I was unable to muster the strength to prepare an Exodus Strategy Session last night.  Therefore I adjusted my normal casual 8:15 or so wake up time to a more draconian 7am and powered through the weekend research.  It sometimes takes me four hours to prepare the weekend research, but after a long rest and before being bogged down since everyone already used up all the good thoughts of the day I was able to produce the report in record time.  I also had some real clarity the whole way through.

Anyhow I feel ready for the week.  Now I need to feel ready for Monday so I am hopping into a morning trading report.

Hope everyone is adjusting to the transition into autumn well.  Let’s have a strong-beard week.

Raul Santos, September 9th 2019

Exodus members, the 251st edition of Strategy Session is live.  Those NASDAQ Transportation Index moves were THE TELL last week, and it looks like they may be again this week, be sure to check out section IV.  And don’t forget that this Thursday/Friday is an index rollforward—a time rife with fuckery.  Stay sharp into the second half of the week.

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