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High level thoughts before heading into the mountains

Some of you know that I commit the majority of February to living life out on the fringe of society—taking most of my food cold and sleeping out in nature—my only goal being to find the softest and deepest snow powder on the steepest and deepest mountains in North America.  This year I am starting out just a few clicks south of the Canadian border up at Mount Baker and then working north from there, likely spending time in Banff and Revelstoke and places like that where western civilization hasn’t made the living luxurious and lazy.  It’s nice have a core purpose, if only for one month, beyond fighting like a ravenous dog for scraps of green paper.

But while I am gone, I want it to be perfectly clear where my investments lie and how I expect the economy to behave while I am away.  There is no bear market.  There never was a bear market.  Anyone who tells/told you we are in a bear market is a god damned fucking lair and not to be trusted.

That’s nasty language.  When I was sitting in the dentist’s chair just now, having my teeth picked clean like a shark between meals, altering my mental state with a blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide, I realized two things.  The first is people tend to believe that people never change.  For the most part that’s true.  The next thing I realized is the language we use matters.  How we choose to address something beyond our control, like the behavior of others, matters because it is quite possible that it could change the way someone else’s mind reacts to an external stimuli.  So I shouldn’t use such nasty language.

Anyone who tells/told you we are in a bear market may be a victim of group think, taking too many cues from the media outlets and wall street analysts.  In general, these are not happy people. Additionally, the amount of little green pieces of paper they earn is highly contingent on them keeping your attention, and I’m not sure if you’ve ever noticed, but humans can’t help but gawk at disasters.  It’s a real sick society.  Are you feeling me?

I spend too much time delving into topics like these which is why you never see any of the other fin-twit [people of finance who use twitter and run in a tight clique] share my work.  Even if they read it, they wouldn’t possibly promote it.  It doesn’t fit in a nice safe package for their podcast radio shows.  So I blog alongside the other misfits, here on our bloody lovely island IBANKCOIN.

IBC is a place where people gather for the explicit intent of extracting money from the global financial complex.  Said money can then be converted into little green pieces of paper that can be traded for any number of things.  I suggest trading your moneys for farmable land as far north and at as high an altitude as your constitution will allow.  This land will preserve you and your next two generations despite the fact that people never change and humans are rapidly destroying our planet.  You will have a land buffer between you and the massive herds of people migrating away from the equator in desperate search of drinking water.  You and your plants will have clean air to breathe.  Does anything else really matter?

In my opinion, which you may be realizing is clear is logical, there is a simple way to extract money from the financial markets right now.  We are entering a period of economic prosperity the likes of which no living human has ever seen.  A rewind of the roaring ’20s, complete with gilded ceilings and decadent wealth.  The gap between the haves and have nots will inevitably widen even if the AOC’s of the world manage to turn us into a socialist state.  Because policy cannot stop the forces that have been created by the internet and semiconductors. We are in a new paradigm folks.  You either try to resist it and perish, or you go with the flow and enjoy your brief mortal existence—a wisp of spirit inside a sack of mammal bits.

The simplest way to align yourself with the oncoming explosion of wealth creation is to buy-and-hold the best names in tech: TSLA, MSFT, GOOGL, FB, MTCH, ADBE, CRM, AMZN.  A more dedicated way is to create a rule-based method of short term trading.  Don’t flutter between instruments like some capricious dope.   Pick one instrument and form an intimate, visceral understanding of its behavior.  Then come to the market every.single.day and trade that instrument.  Review your trades.  Score your trades on whether or not you followed your rule-based method.  Do this again and again for years until you have a consistent means of extracting money.

Intermediate term my main expectation is for the PHLX semiconductor index to check back to its October breakdown.  Then I expect some push back from the sellers before we go up and explore the other side of that gigantic consolidation aka a continuation of the long-term trend higher.  In essence, a much larger and slower version of the overplay for the underlay.  I link back to my old blogs because people never change and that means you might be reading my blog for the first time.  I do my best to bring you all up to speed.  I refuse to apologize for redundancy.  If it wasn’t important I wouldn’t be writing about it.  Anyways look, here’s the above paragraph in chart form:

I want you all to know that I appreciate you taking time out of your day to stop by and read my thoughts.  The life of a speculator is somewhat isolated, and it helps to share my predictions and solicit your feedback, even if you think I am wrong.  Your comments likely won’t change my mind, but perhaps you can offer some insight that will result in me forking off my current path in a curious way that slowly leads to something new.  I do think the works of a community can be greater than that of the individual, especially if there is a cohesive flow of thoughts and energy between the members of a group.

I like this island of misfits, even if you fuckers don’t like me.  Thanks for stopping by.

ciao ciao, kiss kiss



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  1. Bill Wright

    Took a similar ski trip last year. My favorite resort was Red Mountain in BC. Check it out. Great powder and no crowds.

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  2. Wild Bill

    Corbet’s has a slim one S&S is where it’s at

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