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Stating the obvious reason to be bullish

Sometimes you look back and wonder how your mind was so wrapped up in the minutia that you missed an obvious cue.  Sure, my trading and investing is grounded in solid routine and habit.  Yes, I would never take a single trade unless I completed my Sunday research, formed a morning trading plan, and then received an algorithmic entry signal from MOTHERSHIP.  We should have healthy routines for approaching something as important and big as trading index futures, but we run the risk of being so caught up in all of that intellectual work that we miss a not-so-subtle wink from the universe.

Listen to me, did you see that little dog nearly split asunder by the giant fucking longhorn bull last week during an American football match?  That is everything you need to know going into next week.  A pathetic little dog that needs its skin folds regularly cleaned with q-tips, and its butt hole wiped after every poop, was nearly killed on national teevee by a big, healthy Texas long-dicked bull.

The resources wielded by short sellers are very much the size of that dog in relation to the money coming into the stock market every American pay period.

While this weekend has been difficult, and I nearly didn’t make it to my desk to file the Sunday research due to my time being in high demand, I checked in and filed my latest Exodus Strategy Session.  It has all sorts of reasons to be bullish, and it has a plan of attack for the first full week of 2019, but it should be suffice for all readers of this public blog to know that a bullish omen has been sent.

Position accordingly.


Exodus members, the 216th edition of Strategy Session was late to post, but it is live.  We have an interesting dialogue going in Section III that takes all the recent signals IndexModel has been generating and gives them words.  Be sure to read through how I’ve been navigating this market trough, and what I expect next.

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