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I made my Q1 motif allocations before quarter-end, and bought a TQQQ position end-of-day that I will hold for no less than 4 and a half trading days (X-mas eve half day).

If the same insomnia that had me awake at 5am grabs me again this evening, I’ll elaborate.

Until then, enjoy my horribly timed tweet from just before lunchtime:

Quick shout out to my trading plan for putting me on the sidelines before this $4000/contract unidirectional move in $nq_f could blow me up #grateful.

Hope you guys are doing okay out there.  Feel free to leave comments in the hotline below.  We’re all in these battle trenches together.  Even the traders on the right side of this move have much to process.


I probably look like a mad man, but I do think we could be at or quite near the bottom of the trough (hole? bottomless pit?) we’ve worked down into.

I will be cleaning Mothership for the next five hours, perhaps even tackling a major appliance scrub down.  Cleaning like I just killed someone is a drawdown habit I formed over the years, for better-or-worse.  Next comes the thickets of sage and chants.  I probably look like a mad man.


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  1. Phileo99

    Rare non-weekend, non-trading plan post from you Raul3, something must be up!

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