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All systems aligned: expect blessings from the turkey gods

Last week the signals were mixed and I thought about taking the week off but then I started working intra-day longs after that heavy Monday liquidation pressured prices into a place I couldn’t not do business.  This week is different.  All systems are aligned for a rally.

And it will only take a bit of strength through Monday to invoke the turkey gods whose shadows you can see if you look closely at the horizon during the sun’s rise.

That’s all I have to say about that.  My favorite industries are solar and CRISPR mainly because I invested in both financially and mentally.   They are two small slices of hope in a world pie of despair.

Bullish until otherwise noted.

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  2. Cletus

    Nice call, dipstick.

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  3. oilerua

    sure that’s some alignment skill

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