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The old guard is strong

One observation I forgot during last night’s muse is the relative strength showing up in three names (FD: I am invested in all three) that I consider to be ‘the old guard’.  These are immutable legends; immortal entities revered and feared as much as the ancient gods once were.  Goldman Sachs, Walmart, and AT&T.  I have been noticing their divergent strength during our current sell-off:

My initial interpretation is that the risk cycle has either been reset or is in the process of being reset, with investors rotating back to quality after abandoning their high-risk saas, cryptocurrency, and pot speculations.

A reset of the risk cycle is a positive sign for the health of the stock market, if that is in fact what this small observation is alluding to.

As always, tbd.

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  1. irma vep

    OMG! Peter Stormare, the best Lucifer ever.

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    • Raul3

      Ff we include literature, the Lucifer in ‘Master and Margarita’ is whom I consider the best. If we’re just talking motion picture, AGREED!

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