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IndexModel signals bullish into first full week of August

It feels like the financial markets will be on autopilot these next five days.  All the big NASDAQ movers already reported earnings.  The most debated business concept of the last 50 years (praise!) passed their Wall Street pressure test.  And now IndexModel, which I prepare as part of the Exodus Strategy Session is flagging bullish.

The model isn’t calling for a major rally.  Just a calm, sideways drift.  Perhaps with a slight upward bias.

Is that useful?  Can you make money off that call?

I don’t know.

This is research for a style and approach that works for me.  A trading edge broadcast live on an obscure finance blog by an Italian with a Mexican pen name.  I just happen to be alumni from a time when legendary traders blogged.  I stuck around when they all started hiding in private chat rooms.  I’m a ghost from back when trading seven figures on 3x leveraged ETFs was a thing.

Who remembers The Devil?

Now I’m solely responsible for showing traders how to stand on the front lines when institutions are throwing around big bands.  So when I write about the game it matters more.  All the roll models are gone.  Don’t make me talk about prolific advisors.

Anyways the model is bullish.  I’ll be looking to buy overnight down gaps when we are trading inside the prior day’s range.  Also I’ll buy when the algos I coded into MultiCharts fire out signals.  I’ll put size on as soon as possible then go to work scaling pieces off, methodically, to lower my cost basis.  I’ll be watching support levels, for bidders, and joining them.  Even if only for a scalp.

I won’t be pressing long positions as aggressively as I did last week.  Without a catalyst, and with the IndexModel expecting drift, I plan to capture 6 points here, 12 points there, and so on. 15 points, book it.

Anyhow I’m rambling.  Models are bullish. Exodus members; the 194th Strategy Session is live.  Make sure you check out the research on the NASDAQ Transportation index.

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  1. mike

    hey ive always been wondering but the stats on your algos are around 50-60%, why is it even reliable ? why wouldnt you flip a coin and trade on it ? do you improve them overtime?

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