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Happy Father’s day lads,

Many words have been typed here on the RAUL blog in opposition to the male human.  So many of you disappoint me regularly, with your ‘locker room talk’ and macho pride.  It reveals an inherent flaw in your character, a deep fear of competition from girls and their robots.  That being said, I have great reverence for Elder RAUL, especially as he begins to shrivel into a bitter old man.

I come from a long line of angry men.  It’s a hard streak to break.  I think about smashing things and people with my fists all the time.  Gardening helps.  Over the last year I transitioned into a patriarchal position here at the House of RAUL, and I’ve felt how heavy the head is that wears the crown.  This perspective has allowed me to better understand why so many old men are paranoid old pricks.

What a nice blog entry this already is.

As I write my stomach is filled with boiling hot coffee.  My office is a moist 85 degrees and preparations are being made by the women for a nice poolside Father’s day barbecue.  Whilst I am a vegetarian, I am still the family’s best buyer, prep artist, and cook of animal flesh, so I have to head over soon and do my job.

The IndexModel is 187 weeks old today and bullish for a 4th consecutive week.  You can say whatever you want about the model.  The way it  keeps leaning bullish these last few weeks has allowed me to take advantage of arguably the best run so far in 2018.  And that is all I care about.  Extracting fiat US dollars from the world’s financial markets and taking care of my people.

Shout out to all the dads out there taking care of business and your people and being kind at the same time.  Kindness is a superpower.  And as a big hairless ape, kindness is the real bravery.

Also shout out to the IndexModel robots for remaining bullish into one of the best runs of 2018.  According to the Exodus Strategy Session, we ought to press our gains clean through next week.

So it is written, so it shall be.

Exodus members, the 187th edition of Strategy Session is live.  Go check out what Transports are saying!




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