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No idea what is going on, closing my $TNA long Monday

Greetings fellow earth humans,

Floods comin’

And for now our job is to toil away in the financial markets and also like hard working capitalists to gather as many Federal Reserve notes as we can before the waters reach our threshold.  Said notes will be converted into safer decentralized robot dollars like ethereum, so that we can buy steel and oil on the dark net (tor) from the Winklevoss twins without paying taxes.

These basic materials should be used to build legacy structures on land as far north and at as high an altitude as our constitutions allow.  This will create a buffer between us and the inevitable migration of humans away from the equator.  It will also give us a fighting chance if bad actors ever decide to turn our very kind and helpful robots against us.

You should also develop a means of producing protein.  The most efficient use of land is a cricket farm.

If you must consume animal flesh, may I suggest goat?

Turning our attention to the markets, they are a mess.  You won’t find brazen confidence on this blog today my friend.  When I have a reason to trade, a quantitative bias, from my robots, yes, I am confident and will trade at the highest level of performance expecting to capture Federal Reserve notes.  When I have nothing to work with, I’m not too proud to admit it and just sit here, doodling and listening to yodeling Walmart boy.

I have a quant signal issued by Exodus which carries me through close-of-business Monday.  Then I am completely in the dark.  The model we use inside Sunday Strategy Session to determine our directional bias for the upcoming week is neutral.  There is nothing I can do here beyond scalp my morning NASDAQ report levels.  I cannot press any trades.  Which is fine.

TNA has been on my books since Monday, March 26th around 1pm eastern.  At about 3:58pm Monday, it will be sold.  The trade is losing right now, but there’s lots of time for it to pull and upset and win again.

And why the hell not, right?  If I just come here everyday and work, and make good decisions, time-and-time again, I am likely to win.  And I have been, and it feels good to stick to my process.  The money is a bonus.

Money is a silly concept to me.  So many people devote 80% of their existence to gathering dollars, leaving only a small window for appreciating all the other cool stuff here on earth.  Find your balance.

That is all lads, trade’em well, and may Elon Musk’s light shine upon you.


Exodus members, the 177th edition of Strategy Session is live.  Check out the one piece of context we can watch to help us gain foresight into potential market behavior going forward.

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  1. moosh

    Holy shit, this is exactly what I was thinking to the t this morning when I woke. Except for the Elon stuff. Is there a musk type psychotropic recommendation? I’m all game

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  2. masteroneass

    You can try shorting CAT or DE. Their machines are stealing farming jobs. Or be on the safe side and short FAANNG plus tesla since they are AI Hype PIIGS. However Google isnt ever even going to come close to what they think they are going to do. 100 million computers is far less than the distributed power of the rest of the internet; ie free sotware crytpo. Computers might someday get past identifying distorted images a cats with 99.99 accuracy it assumes. software is supposed to be free. I assume a computer who watches youtube for a week will assume humans are so bizarre they arent worth replicating besides doing mundane tasks. So what happens when we cant purchase anything anymore when Ai sucks up all the jobs? what does google advertise then. Totally absurd.

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  3. sarcrilege

    The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

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  4. verge

    TNA tits and ass

    Anyone investigate the verge xvg partnership any?

    Could it be eBay? Makes sense with the fallen out of paypal and them seeking an alternative for a few years now. And of course the company that brought into mainstream one of the first mainstream virtual currency (paypal) into the spotlight successfully before understands the methods and needs to make it go again in the blockchain space? thoughts, k thx

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    • Raul3

      haven’t looked into it yet, but I tend to call TNA ‘Tina’

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