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Read the Strategy Session to understand if/when the correction market is worth buying

Greetings from the highlands,

The very kind and resourceful iBankCoin field team has navigated our land yacht to the snowy northwest.  As of this writing four bald eagles have been spotted and logged into the national registrar by our devoted naturalist, Doctor Roberto Bregante—a Mayan native with an occasionally violent disposition whose anscestors occupied these lands long before European settlement.

As we traverse these rich lands I’ve made contact with Mothership, which is hardwired to the interwebs at a geographical point between the trading markets in New York and Chicago.  Mothership is constantly receiving information from over 6000 remote sensors strategically placed throughout the financial complex.

These sensors collect raw information which Mothership parses and analyzes.  Said information is married to data stored inside the Exodus cloud. All these data form the bias model which forecasts direction of the next five trading days.  Sometimes the model peers further into the white fogs of the future and whispers prophetically about longer term events as objectively as possible.

Right now the model sees a correction lasting many many weeks, perhaps even months.  This is only based off two samples from the entire model history, which began in November 2014.

The model is a true testament to humans improving their lives with AI augmentation.  Something simple and pure and real.

Unlike competitive figure skating.  So much about ranking figure skaters is human and subjective and therefore flawed.  Did the boy smile enough? Was he fierce when the song was fierce? Is his country a kind one or one with authoritarian leadership?

Despite many measurable and technical score points, there is far too much human subjectivity to consider the number scores pure.

We seek purity on the RAUL blog.  Through the instagrams and snapped chats and tweets I also  seek to inspire.  For some, the theater of a brilliant ice dance invigorates the spirit and inspires.  Which is fine.

Anyhow the model lads, it is neutral heading into the upcoming week after being wildly bearish last Sunday.  On a longer horizon, 4-6 weeks perhaps longer, we expect correction behavior.

The Weekly Strategy Session inside Exodus covers these matters in detail.  And both last week and this week’s report are improtant reads if you want a clear vision about upcoming conditions and what to look for before initiating new intermediate/long-term risk.

Lucky for you, all of you, there are free trials of Exodus from now through Valentine’s day.  Therefore you can access the reports in their entirety.  I would be humbled if you took some time to check it out and tell me what you think.  Especially if you think I’m wrong and that the best move next week was to BTFD.

Meanwhile I am back in nature lads, with a team of researchers, thrill seekers, and scientists.  A trip to places many would describe as enchanted.  Follow me on Instagram username vincalim you’d like to see some of the oddities along the way.

And I couldn’t have timed this trip any better because all my robots are calling for correction.

As for the markets, we are bearish.

Stay sharp out there.

Raul Santos, February 11th, 2018

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  1. shr1

    Good stuff per usual Raul. I agree, that double bottom in indices looks like a retail trap. Enjoy the great expanse of the NW!

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  2. probucks


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  3. oilerua

    wrong again ?

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  4. raul

    “Anyhow the model lads, it is neutral heading into the upcoming week after being wildly bearish last Sunday. On a longer horizon, 4-6 weeks perhaps longer, we expect correction behavior.”

    lmk if you have any questions

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