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White Paper: iBankCoin Labs Is Bullish Again

Greetings land mammals!

Floods comin’

And since the ice caps are melting at alarming rates due to the decisions being made by your new authoritarian media, making money in the stock market is more important than ever.  Said funds should be earmarked for procuring high ground in the United States and building a fully sufficient, off-the-grid compound that can outlast the natural forces that are conspiring against the coal and oil executives in Washington.

Okay let’s talk about the stock market.

There was lots of celebration at the end of last week on financial twitter. It was a bit unnerving.  Fortunately the weekend was upon us, the summer breeze was sweet, and there were more pressing matters—like finding a warm beach and some good friends and family.

After spending Sunday morning in church (the boiler room of iBankCoin laboratory) looking closely at super clean stock market data, raw data from our thousands of sensors deployed throughout the financial markets, the kind scientists at iBankCoin labs formed an objective hypothesis for the upcoming week:

Looks bullish, calm and bullish

Keep an eye on Thursday afternoon.  The Fed’s releasing their balance sheet.  It may be the only matter of business from the Fed that investors still care about.  The rest of their time is spent sunbathing in some coastal town, far from rural America, watching the disorganized middle class work themselves into a tizzy over the latest news bit.

Exodus members, brilliant minds who have assembled to dominate the financial markets, the 140th edition of Strategy Session is live.  A panel of 2 dogs and 1 cat who I pay with food agree with the findings of my report, which will this week only be called a white paper.  Go read why I am so bullish heading into July option expiration.


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