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Still Neutral: iBankCoin Labs Has No Bias into Mid-July

Greetings from the northeastern coast lands of America.

The air is brisk and smells clean.  The wind is fresh and the water is clear.  While tick infestations have managed to climb into the mid west, pest conditions up yonder are safe.

In town there are 375 different coffee shops offering blistering fast wifi, and with it contact was made with Mothership, which runs on Jet Fuel Only.  Mothership was commanded to make several passes over the financial markets and assess the behavior of the auctions.

While they seem somewhat healthy, no clear directional forecast emerged from the systems.

Therefore we are neutral, and overall just happy to be here.

July is a fine month to explore lands often dominated by arctic winds and hellish ice.  But remember, water always wins.

Exodus members, the 139th edition of Strategy Session is live, enjoy!

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  1. seaturtle

    Day 2 for an Exodus QQQ oversold and within 20 days of an FOMC meeting (no press conference) says bullish.Moo.

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