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The Sun Is Going Down: iBankCoin Laboratories Issues Second Bearish Bias of June

Greetings from the boiling hot surface of planet earth!

The kind scientists at iBankCoin labs have been toiling away inside the machine that is Exodus, checking and re-checking the learning computer’s readings, ensuring the readings are in fact accurate.  They are.  And all signs point to bearish action in the upcoming week.

If you recall, a short bias was issued heading into the first week in June.  This was a bad call.  However, and let it be known across the fin-dork interwebs, that we take our signals.  All of them.

Americans are barrelling towards solstice drunk on sun exposure, exhausted from one-too-many graduation ceremonies, and wholly unprepared for the furious impeachment measures being enacted by the deep state to unseat our authoritarian leader.

Enjoy your celebrations today, dads.  For next week we will do battle with the most evil force in nature: sellers.

Distinguished Exodus members, the 136th Edition of Strategy Session is live.  Go see all the other reasons why we are bearish heading into summer solstice.


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  1. probucks

    all this complaint about heat and smog – but no mention of moving to the east coast?

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  2. unclebuccs

    I’ve kind of gotten used to it getting hot in the summer. 113 forecast for tomorrow which is revised DOWN from the 117 that was hyped throughout the week. Global warming limp-dicks run these weather tv shows. Believe that.

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  3. oilerua

    this time it seems good……

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  4. sarcrilege

    Just enjoy the heat and appreciate the sun while you can. We are entering a mini-ice age cycle due to decreasing sun activity.

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