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Hope For Science: CRISPR Stocks Finally Catch a Bid

Those crazy scientists want to have a word with your god about immortality.  They are tinkering with ‘His’ DNA in the name of science.

Smart people from UC Berkeley and MIT think they can cure diseases, and several of them have formed pre-revenue public companies.  As you might imagine, this is an overlooked space.  Your average hairless ape no longer trusts journalists, doctors, scientists, the intelligence community, or anyone considered to be a cuckold.

They’re all limey bastards, right boys!?

Several of these stocks are putting up big numbers Thursday:

A cursory scan of my premium news feeds* shows only Sangamo is hustling this week, but they merely announced an ‘orphan medicinal product designation’ happened, and the announcement was early Wednesday morning.

*Writer’s note: I do not read peasant news unless it is filtered to me via a credible source, like iBankCoin.com or a Russian diplomat.

Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc. ($SGMO) and Pfizer Inc. ($PFE) announced the European Medicines Agency has granted orphan medicinal product designation to SB-525, a clinical stage cDNA gene therapy candidate for hemophilia A. The designation provides incentives to advance the development and commercialization of orphan medicines.

So the move happening Thursday is pure, news-free buying.  Put simply, investors are giving a vote of confidence to CRISPR.

It has been a rough couple of weeks.   The stocks ‘needed’ to catch a bid.  The action has been discouraging, even sad.  Like Lana Del Rey levels of sadness.

And while the price action is still quite discouraging, and yes, this idea may end up ultimately failing quite soon, today’s action—the sharpness of it—inspires hope that the war against science may be nearing an end.  Perhaps one day soon investors will crave CRISPR science much like they desire Elon’s (all Praise and Glory to The Leader) electric creations.

Once CRISPR delivers, the science community will help all the sick and demented live much longer.  These 150 year old citizens will need tasks, even self-imposed ones like thinking they need to keep up with political theater, or else the low IQ masses will turn against us again.

Sooner, rather than later.

Long live science! Long live discovery!  No more living in the past in summary!

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  1. sarcrilege

    Oh yes, another “miracle cure”. Hype, over-hype, sell snake oil to dopes, pocket profit and move on to something else. That’s as new as the hills.

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