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Here’s A Really Quick Look Back At The Sunday Strategy Session

Every Sunday I interpret the algorithms inside Exodus and update several data into my working index model.  The output from these operations allows me to form an objective thesis for the upcoming week.  It’s called the Executive Summary, and it is featured at the top of every week’s report for quick access–by you executive types.

It has changed my ability to make money dramatically.  Hopefully it helps you too.  This week’s thesis has been bang on so far:


Now I may just be a simple country man, but I know when we’re finger licked.  I’m not some American magician whose mystic powers allow for clairvoyance, nor do I parade myself around in an eagle mask making bold calls.

However, these actionable predictions are based on 100s of samples—samples taken live and walked forward—all with the expressed intent of banking coin better than most, at a steady and industrious clip.

After all, this is a marathon and I’m just getting started.  And boy am I patient. Like a crocodile.

If you’re a member of Exodus and not reading the Executive Summary inside Strategy Session every Sunday, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

The good folks at iBankCoin labs are all over this week’s action and expect higher prices into week’s end.


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    posting your next strategy along with a selfie in a suit and mask might attract more readers.

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