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Ford Gets All Political and Decides To Oppose Trump’s Refugee Ban

Heaven forbid we scrutinize arrivals from barbaric countries like Syria for one quarter.  The horror of spending a few hours in the airport answering questions.  The tragedy of modifying your life itinerary temporarily.  It’s all too much to bear for Ford Motor Company.  The company’s CEO Mark Fields and chairman of family nobility Bill Ford had to issue a statement opposing the President’s executive order.

They had to.  They could not just run their business and focus on building cars and selling them to car dealerships.  Nope, they had to venture into politics.

Their insolence towards our authoritarian leadership puts them at the front of the line for swift punishment.

Perhaps Fords is bitter for being totally screwed by the federal government during the Great Recession—and event they came into so well prepared they could have been the only surviving American auto maker.  Maybe that’s why they’re picking Trumps pretty chill, temporary block of immigrants from terrorist infested nations like Libya, as their chance to stand against the asshats occupying Washington.

Whatever their motives, it was a mistake.

Ford shares [ticker: $F] have been downgraded from their neutral position, the one earned after an entirely uninspiring 4th quarter performance, to BEARISH.

Just like the Detroit Lions, Fords will lose in a most pathetic manner—when it matters most—with a sub par, distracted, effort.

Sad, really…they really could have been something.

Ford motor company is more interested in playing politics than operating their auto manufacturing business.  By condemning the very temporary immigration ban they will find themselves once again on the wrong side of history, just like when Henry Ford supported the Nazis and Hitler in World War II.

At least they’re consistently wrong.



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  1. Mongoose0614

    You have to be a michigander to appreciate this post. Since Alan left this was coming…just like Schultz will be with Starbucks

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    • jsal56

      so true, Ford has been leaning left a long time, they can’t seem to live down that Henry did not like Jewish bankers.

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