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Facebook Will Dump GoPro Unless It Starts Putting Out

GoPro needs to find a way to convince Facebook to buy them. That appears to be their strategy with these immersive 360 degree videos they are exclusively sharing with Facebook—court the king with some jester work.

In the meantime their stock is making new all-time lows again today. This has become commonplace for the strap-on camera maker. Their shares trade like they do not even deserve a 20 handle.

If you own this stock you basically are gambling on a buyout. In theory their 360 degree cameras are a compliment to Oculus Rift. Imagine setting a place for the spherical six-camera ring at Thanksgiving dinner. Then you can pipe in relatives from anywhere via their virtual headset. As much as I try and paint this as a cool innovation—my vision just is not clear—it sounds lame and only useful for porn.

Regardless, I own this stock as part of the GARP portfolio, and I draw a thick black X on the calendar every day as I count down to the January reshuffle. Stupid gadget stock is killing my performance.

UPDATE: As of November 10th, you can buy a Samsung Oculus Rift face mask for $99 bucks: https://www.oculus.com/en-us/blog/samsung-gear-vr-now-available-for-pre-orders-at-99/

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  1. matt_bear

    what was the point of the company going public? besides taking a fat dump on shareholders’ chests.

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