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Ladies and Gentlemen: We Have a Market

There is so much wrong right now. Greece voted no, the keno halls of China’s stock market are filled with losing bets, oil is plunging.

Population centers are currently fully ablaze by the sun. It is the exact opposite of first snow where everyone simultaneously forgets how to drive. Unaware of how the heat is affecting you, the media sets their target on your psyche, boiling your brain like a marshed mallow. Despite it all, and boy did they lay it on thick, buyers showed today and played ball.

In the wake of horrendous index gaps, we saw the quality tech holding up—companies like Apple and Telsa. My book continues to be hammered but is showing green shoots. Exodus rotational analysis plays DOC and NRG are working well, and thanks to a team of supercomputers, I am working with a green QLD position. There’s more, yah, but get the point.

The biggest thing making me hesitant is that ugly overnight low. We rarely mark swing high/low during globex. But the Nasdsaq battlefield overall looks like the aftermath of a turf war with crime scenes all over the place.

The market is chopping around. Homework pays big in these conditions, stick to your plans and execute on your terms, not the markets.  Remember the winter:

By the way, if you have a favorite stock or ETF you want to see overbought/oversold levels on, email me [email protected]


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